At least put in a little effort

No one spell checks anymore.

what do you mean?
uppercase in the expansive discription?

The punishing fire description says “trough” instead of “through.”

“with YOU weapon special attack”
Random capitalisations
Space missing after 30%
Extra space in “for 3.5s” maybe.


I like the spelling trough… makes me feel like I have an accent…

Maybe they had a number of letter count to stay under…

I love how bitchy you sound OP. “At least do ONE thing right”. It makes you sound like a D*ck. If you would instead said “hey Fatshark, I found some silly mistakes in your spelling. You Can fix them now. Bye!”, It would look like you are an adult and a person that others want to be around. But that is probably not something you are.

Look what you Made me do. you Made me talk like a D*ck.


Wrong category