Assuming that everyone just takes the same trait anyway

“The removal of Waste Not, Want Not was a decision made based on testing and data. A vast majority of players ran Conservative Shooter as is on Huntsman so ammo regen should still be available”

  • from the latest patchnotes

The Reason why everyone uses Conservative Shooter is not only because you need it for ammo sustain, but also because there IS HARDLY ANY CHOICE! Scrounger is basically the same Talent, with less reliable outcomes. Barrage is the only other reliable one, but running that now will make you run dry. Picking Hunter only does you any good, if you can guarantee a crit.

The choice should not have been to balance a whole ranged careers ammo sustain around a Trait and expect everyone to take it, but to add some interesting Traits and even alter the overused ones, so there isnt a no brainer trait in the first place.

The state Traits are in just sucks and those kinds of decisions dont make it one bit better. The whole “we are done with this beta” talk doesnt lighten up my mood, especially since traits actually being a choice is something that gets talked about a lot, during this beta and before that in the forum.

One can just hope we get another beta very very soon. When you just count on your playerbase to just take this one trait than there might be something wrong.


." A vast majority of players ran Conservative Shooter as is on Huntsman so ammo regen should still be available, the tradeoff for more consistent headshots fed by the trait while having to utilize abit more ammo management seemed to be sensible since during our testing it was showed that it was basically impossible for Huntsman to run out of ammo with Sure Shot and WNWN."

They didn’t expect everyone to take it. They tested it and it was impossible to run out of ammo when using wnwn combined with the most picked trait on huntsman, so they removed wnwn. Maybe they didn’t want players to have infinite ammo without sacrificing something? (A trait). Having free headshots and also no way to run out of ammo, was too strong. I agree that their assumption and solution was not the best one, but it’s a beta after all. Also i agree that the trait choice is indeed very lacking.


Remove scrounger and conservative shooter, bake ammo sustain into the 4 ranged classes(including BH), and done. These traits are actually a problem because they make melee careers significantly stronger and they reduce trait choice.

Though presumably this can’t happen until they do the long overdue trait rebalance :sleepy:


A primarily ranged career has access to infinite ammo sustain, oh no, what we will do, stop, wait, no, the horror, the horror.

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