Are you content with Greataxe now?

I know greataxe is in better position than before, but I think It’s still minor variation of 2h-hammer. I think it’s only good for secondary weapon for slayer.

Some say it’s a bit stronger to infantries, and monsters, that’s the only difference. But it’s cleave is a lot weaker than 2h-hammer, and of cource, it has weaker armor penetration , heavy attack gives 1~2 damage more than 2h-hammer light attack, but it’s slower, and 2h-hammer has stronger to super armor option.

it’s hard to cleave through marauders. If elite is in cleave area, ant greataxe is just stuck. You can chain heavy and light with 2h-hammer for dealing with elites with horde, but greataxe just can’t. This is the major disadvantage from 2h-hammer. I can’t see the reason why I should bring greataxe instead of 2h-hammer still.


Technically I think its armour DPS with light attacks is the same as 2h hammer, it only loses out on super armour. Also, while it doesn’t control a horde as well as 2h hammer, it certainly kills hordes faster.
Overall I’d say they’re pretty balanced with one another at the moment. Slayer can certainly overcome its short comings better than his other classes, but I think its biggest issue for RV right now is lack of a good stagger talent for it. Almost never play IB but I’d imagine it’s an alright offensive option for him too, since he can afford to hit trade more and can always take Drake weapons to help it out with dense hordes.


Theory is one thing, but it’s quite good in actual play. Its damage output is great with its attack speed, and it does fine vs. hordes. Capability vs. elites (especially SV) is amazing. Feels like its in a good place.


Very happy. It’s been my favourite Weapon in the game since before the buffs, but now it’s way more viable on RV and IB.

Maybe a little more Elite cleave wouldn’t hurt it, but it could also make it too strong.

The real issue for Bardin rn is that Mining Pick is only useful on Slayer, even though it’s a cool looking Weapon.

Does it work with Stamina stacking, and doing constant Push-Attack combos?:

Push-Attack > L2 > L3

I’ma try it now.

Works great. I’m running 5% AS and Ales. The double stamina was overkill, so BCR is fine too.

Not running any AS on Weapon or Charm (just SS).

I was using Shotgun for high density. Don’t think it would be worthwhile without Bomb Ult + Shotgun though.


It’s totally fine. You can really feel the difference in horde killing power. I prefer the armor damage on 2hammer and the stagger because it’s just something that’s hard to get on other kits. Horde killing is usually covered in cata.

If I were to change something, I’d remove hitstuck to give it parity with 2hammer

With some AS to cover weakness of 2h weapon, I think less hits (Breakpoint, I am not sure and can’t test it now, 1 head, and 1 body for SV with Slayer skull-splitter and + 10% armor on Cata, greataxe needs more hits, or 2 heavy needed) to kill is more valuable than DPS. DPS is good at killing boss though.

Since 2h hammer is good at super armour, 5 hits need to kill CW with slayer. I wish greataxe has same super armour bonus damage or more cleave power to elites.

The one issue I still have with greataxe is the movement speed whilst blocking. When I have to go on the defensive with it, it’s the worst feeling ever. Not sure I’ll ever understand why the slow down is so severe.


They’re balanced if you value mobility and responsiveness. Their DPS is pretty comparable with minor differences in which enemy they are strongest against. Seems like a good place to me.

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It’s because it’s an offensive two handed weapon. I imagine these reasons are also why it had four stamina. It’s kind of a shame they gave it six, instead of finding ways to make the weapon work with this unique aspect retained.

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