Are Grenades and Barrels scaled for the new HP?

Is the damage for grenades bugged on dummies or is it really correct that a bomb does 24.5 damage on the armoured dummies? Since the new update i always got the feeling that bombs are less useful.


Because the keep is automatically set on Recruit. You must start a Legend/Cataclysm mission (just start).

I don’t recall seeing any mention of bombs being buffed to compensate for the increased health of enemies, so it would make sense that they’re not as potent as pre-WoM.


They still stagger, great for increasing boss damage. And ofc, shrapnel trait is still amazing. 20% damage boost for the entire party for 10 seconds. Hit a CW patrol or a boss, they’re staggered and taking more damage.

But no, I don’t think their base damage was increased.

I can confirm that jumping into hordes / patrols with a lit barrel will speed your soul to damnation, as opposed to going out in glory as it used to be.


The real question is if the cannonball on Fort BrachsenbrĂĽcke was buffed (it was not). RIP challenge :slight_smile:

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No, there is no difficulty in the keep anymore when i look with TAB. When i turned on a cata match and F10 the match the damage was unchanged.
Edit: Ok, the match have to be kept open. Then the damage is around 40 what is still pretty low.

Exactly… or you can start the mission and immediately exit.

In earlier versions when you used TAB in the keep it showed the current diffculty. Now it doesnt.

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