Arcade Modus / RolePlay Modus #Fatshark

Hello Fatshark,
i wanna ask you here in this Forum direct, and i hope i become a Official Feedback.

I read and write last time a Lot in Forums…
(maybe you heard about this Idea over some Forums)

What you think about to “Split” the Game in Arcade Mode and RolePlay Mode like in Left4Dead? maybe to early / to late? Technical or/and Conzept “Problems”?

Background to Left4Dead Mode:
(in Left4Dead was this Modus later implemented.
In the Game Menu exist a Red start Button for Realism Mode (i mean not the Mutations Mode) and a Yellow Button for normal (Arcade) Mode.
Realism is (difference Balancing and no colored light around Teammates and Items).

Left4Dead have not so much Game elements like V2 for much different in this Modes!
But, V2 have a bigger Potential for a Realism or “RolePlay” Balance and “Arcade” or Normal! So Many more Elements as in a Left4Dead, just the Talents. A Talents Balancing for Realism includes so many new way to new balance and new Design. New Hero Build and Balancing, Weapons, Enemy Balancing (attack style, hit Rate), Map Setup, Fight Balancing and and and. A bigger Potential use of the great Basic! :slight_smile:

For Arcade works good this Release version, maybe a bit more Pushes and so…
#ScaleHype :blush:

Sure is a Big thing, new “Problems” and big a Works to technical Split and to go this Way,
to make like 2 Version in One Game and bringt this in Harmony.
Left4Dead is a good reference and a Pioneer! Like the Fight System in Vermintide!

I think this clean a lot Trouble for some Players and maybe for Fatshark too and offert the Player a deeper and wider Game enjoyment and experience on different new ways.

Sorry for my “Broken” English, i hope you will the Idea not devalue.


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