Anyone thought about the Crowbill?

I think its push attack has a high cleave than high damage.

Crowbill’s every attack is low cleave, high damage. So, I don’t think even its push attack should be same as the others.

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That weapon has been in the trash for me since WoM beta. It’s infantry damage doesn’t validate the armor damage on lights for being a single target weapon when axe got buffed but crowbill didn’t.

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It’s perfectly fine for what it is - a specialized anti armor weapon to pair with a specialized anti infantry staff. It would be horrible on any other class (and it is, it’s basically a 1h axe) but it has a special niche on Sienna specifically and doesn’t need to change.



All the problems with 1h axe apply to crowbill. Not enough damage to justify a pure single target profile.

Crowbill is fine. If fatsharks wants to make it’s armor damage higher, i wouldn’t mind but please don’t add cleave.

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Agreeing with @Mattie. Crowbill was designed as a single target weapon. And, if it probably lack single target damage, then you add damage, not cleave.

I mean, for its puch attack. When every thing is single target, high damage attacks, what would be needed when you face the bunch of the mobs? Stagger them. Yeah, puch already staggers the enemies but, push attack that has high cleave, low damage (Like 1h mace/hammer) would be helpful.

Experience Note:

Compared to Flaming Fail, Crowbill is weaker than Flaming Fail in any situation.

In what way? So flaiming flail is better at everything, hmmm seems weird to me. Could you give me your results from testing?

Like… how?

Honestly Crowbill is perfect for combining with most of Sienna’s staves.

Most of the good Staves are AoE and horde destroying staves. I love playing both Conflag and Fireball, but they tend to leave you a little weak against strong Armor.

I rarely melee with a Sienna job in the first place, but when I do its usually because I have to take on Armor that was not killed by either a Fireball or Conflag that’s in my face.

This is what Crowbill specializes in.

Dagger I do like, but its more for defensive purposes. It makes quick swapping extremely fast. Its not because its a great killer or anything unless you’re talking horde mobs. Its good for opening up shield users but that’s about it.

I’m wondering if it’s an assumption or you actually tested it. From playing myself flaming flail isn’t better in every situation.

Yeah. Anyway, in my experience, it was clearly worse than Flaming Flail.

i’m the other way around. i use bolt staff and 1h sword XD

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