Anyone else ever get this?

  1. Load up game
  2. Join match/have friend join your game
  3. Play first match, which goes awesome, with a good team (champion or legend)
  4. After this, just get teamed up with bad players in every match and it feels like the director is trying to screw you with constant specials, boss + horde + double spawns

It always seems to follow this pattern, and I usually quit and restart at this point because otherwise we could spend another two hours and not get one chest.

It’s like some variable in the game is sticking on and after that the matchmaking just gives you chimps who don’t know their mouse has a right button and can’t fight a horde let alone a boss…people with foreign symbol names who suck and then ragequit, coupled with the director trying to make you lose.

Quitting and restarting may or may not break that cycle…that needs more testing, but staying on will definitely just end up as more of the above and not being able to win one match.

Every time this has happened it has been preceded with a smooth early run.

Please tell me someone else gets this too.

or not necessarily a bad player joins but instead the AI director is like HEY NEW MAN-THING-THING, DIE-DIE!!! (And then the player later leaves and all is well again)

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