Any plans for diamantine exchange shop?

i got into issue where i got a lot more diamantine then plasteel is there any plans for materials exchange shop/ place (hadron for example) where the diamantine arent just sitting on 40000 number and never going down .
So i got a question do we will getting somethink done with it ?
diamantine is a less likely to find but there is little of use of it.


Quality of life patch for darktide? dont be ridiculous.

yep, just one more feature that is needed in the long list of things that should be fixed/implemented that we probably won’t see any time soon, if ever. Welcome to Darktide!

Pretty sure it will not be happening for a long time, time is in years.
I think like this because this was an issue for some time now, actually almost since materials was introduced, and became more of a problem after Blessings of the Omnissiah, and Fatshark didn’t make any statements on this.
Also, Quality of life improvements that were promised in the last patch were so little that there wasn’t even a section for them, so ye

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