Any news on crafting and mission selection?

making interesting builds is what keep the game fresh and still gives a feel of progression even when you reach level 30, it is a chore mechanic… and its absence + the rng map is making the game really boring (only today i played 6 times in a row Power Matrix HL-17-36 because there were no other heresy map available… ofc i’m going to close the game out of boredome)

can we know when to expect the update? just “it will be released in December” is pretty vague and can we know if a proper mission selection will eventually be released?


Wondering the same. Its weird that we cant chose what to play and at what difficulty. I now have a weekly quest that requires me to play one specific map and do its secondary objective. Tough luck if its not there when im playing.

Might be time to play some other games if you’re getting bored, since there’s no way to tell when any of these features or new content will be added.

May I recommend Vermintide 2 because the grind is actually fun and complete?

Deep Rock Galactic is good too, all the content is free except for special event cosmetics.


Um, can’t you just quickplay heresy or it just sends you to one of the missions on the map?

I’d also love to have crafting or some meaningless update, but I’m kinda realistic that it’s not happening. This is the “finished” product. FS should make their primary target to make it not crash every 20 minutes and, well, make it run properly.

I think quick-play prioritises missions in progress, then chooses a map from the current rotation and next rotation. I got quick played into a map and condition combination that wasn’t in the mission screen at the time, and when I came out it was there in the mission screen.

Hotfix 14 and still nothing on the horizon. I am not touching this game again until crafting, mission selection and Quickplay bonuses are implemented. Otherwise, this whole game feels like a waste of my time. We’re talking about the bare minimum here !

Even Back4Blood launched in a better state than this.


I’ve seen nothing about missions, penances, crafting…

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LITERALLY on top of the 1.0.14 patchnotes.

Welcome to another day on Tertium. Today, you’ll find in your pack of your rations one serving of corpse starch and Hotfix 1.0.14. This hotfix contains crash fixes, localization improvements, and addresses some bugs that fix some combat issues. >>>THE NEXT COMMUNITY UPDATE POST IS SLATED TO GO OUT THIS WEEK AND WILL BE ADRESSING OUR NEXT CONTENT UPDATE, CRAFTING, WEAPONS, AND OTHER PERTINENT TOPICS. <<<

I know, I know. Sparking senseless outrage is more exciting than being reasonable. But you could at least try reading what they put out before lambasting them that they supposedly don’t.

Oops. I did read all the patch notes except for the first paragraph. My bad. Though the mission selection and QP stuff still stands.

Also, is the non-modified Heresy showing as having the Endless Hordes just a UI Bug, or is it actually applying the modifier? I’ve played several rounds with decreased horde activity which are absolute cake walks whereas base Heresy missions with the “UI bug” leave me feeling like I just took prep for a colonoscopy.

So basically nothing on the horizon… just a promise that maybe sometimes this week (don’t even know when) they will tell us what might happen.

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I’ve done a proper high intensity heresy and it feels the same as the “unmodified” heresies.

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Right? I mean the elite spawns are a dead giveaway that it’s not just a “UI Bug.” 4 maniacs spawning in a single combat patrol alongside 2 reapers isn’t normal.

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So there is still NO CRAFTING OR WEAPONS we were promised on launch

But later we will get a “community update” where they will once again promise something :slight_smile:

So you are wrong, the guy you are quoting is right, K thx bye

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if there are no Heresy missions on the map, the game will pick a random one. but in this case on the map there were 1 heresy map so you could only play that no matter quickplay or not

i think you are right but it saddens me a bit to go back to Vermentide 2 already, not even after a week of release of Darktide… idk if you get what i mean.

You error is excused, Varlet.

We’re going to get a nice write-up and they release it when it’s done. I don’t see the big deal.

Where did you read it was promised launched? They repeatedly said it would not be in the final release built and instead be added thereafter.
You’re really just making things up to justify your emotional outburst.

Especially this talk of “promises” is a thing so many gamers typically do. And while sometimes justified, often it is simply made up or a statement to the likes of “We will try to get it done until X” are turned around to THEY PROMISED US.

Well you aren’t playing normal. You’re playing Heresy. :stuck_out_tongue:

They said 70+ weapons on launch AND deeper class customisation
Instead we got no crafting, no weapons, no customisation
BUT we got a f*cking FOMO shop with predatory asshile bundle prices
Honestly after this noone sane can say anything else other than we were LIED TO and until this is remedied fatshark deserves - every single iota of bitching they are receiving

They were paid, now its THEIR time to f*cking deliver what they said they will deliver

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Yeah. I’m in the same boat. The lack of content is astounding. Game is really fun. Not enough to do. The crafting NEEDS to be in the game ASAP.

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I hope they give us some amazing news in the next 1 day and 23 hours, because if the cash shop rotates to a brand new set of cosmetics but we are still missing crafting and no word on the other aspects of the game, people will lose it

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