Anti Cheat Loading Screen gone (not loading up anymore)?

Anyone also haven no more Loading Screen for Anti Cheat with the blue window?

The Game launching normal and i can play the game , well except the crashes with DLSS.

Anyone else?

I am not seeing the EAC loading screen either, but mine also fails to launch after the shaders cache. Pretty consistent. Haven’t been able to launch since 1.0.20 dropped.

I downgraded my system to windows 10 to make sure windows 11 is not messing with the game. Since that i play on full RTX with Automatic also with Raytracing with a Frame Cap of 60. I just had one crash while ALT + TAB out of the game and one time i didnt cap the frames, but since then no crash. I played 3 Matches so far.

Regarding the anticheat not loading, its clear now that something happend not on my end of the machine with anticheat cause its a fresh windows installaion with no anticheat before. Darktide was first game i installed.

So must be something the devs did, well its ok for me cause the game loads way more faster. I just couldnt explain why it was suddenly gone. hmmm.