(ANSWERED) 14 000 aquilas to new XBOX Store players, are you serious?

Think people gave up on wasting time speaking into the fs vacuum. Release an update with crashes memory leaks is how they like to keep us in check. We can mess up the game anytime we feel like. All this noise over the aquilas will be paid to us richly in jank.


wait what? have they said it will be for everyone now? or is it just the thing with microsoft-cross save thing on xbox?

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I mean, they dropped all the relevant hints. It’s not what they say, it’s also what they don’t say.

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sometimes silence speaks louder then words or however the saying goes


''Usually it isn’t the developers who decide. The cost of making the game is usually covered by some kind of publisher. There can be several reasons why they decide to release a bad game. Of course some game development studios are independent, that is to say they finance their game development themselves, so in that case it is they who are the publisher.

They have run out of money, and are forced to stop working further on the game.

There is a set release date that cannot be missed. Often a release can bound by contracts to other entities to occur at specific date or time-slot. If missed there will be steep penalties. Like a matching movie theater release, or a booked release-slot on some platform, like steam or consoles. Can also be just huge marketing campaigns, with TV commercials that cannot be moved in time.

The publisher decides that the game isn’t good enough to continue working on, but tries to recuperate some of the investment by releasing it anyway.

It is decided that the game can be fixed after release with patches. That might be much harder and take longer time than expected though.

Usually it is a mix of the above’’

This is from the technical director at Fat Shark posted roughly a year ago. Considering they are their own publisher its basically confirmed to be the last 1. Given that he had posted this a year ago, and then they apologized for their most recent game a few months later. Coincidence? This is also what people are upset about, btw. Playing a skeletal build with the majority of content stripped back until console release, as if they were the ones who were upset about the game launching with an extremely bare-bones copy paste of VT2’s skill system. Myriad of technical issues. A year where the major content adds were the rest of the maps included with the launch tile set, a bunch more of the variants we still haven’t seen the end of and the chaos spawn from the opening cinematic. The exclusive reward for having endured this being a B helmet for dumb in a ‘big’ way assuming this game was going to be any different from the usual FS circus.

I should have waited like VT2!

Pure XBox players can’t get it (I think).
What I meant by “everyone” was that everyone who started the game up before the 17th of November will get the bundle at the end of the month. It’s clearly a repurposed anniversary bundle with a “Sorry early adopters!” Sticker put on top.

I wonder how long it’ll take until recolors of the cosmetic bundle will be available in the store.


id say 3 months