Another round of Assassin complaints

And practically the same thing again. SWARM THEM aaaand it’s flying towards a teammate


Just had a round with multiple assassin BS moments. 2 instances of pouncing actually during the spawn sound within only about 5 minutes play during cata convo finale. Due to the chaos and scattering of the team both of these pounces resulted in death. I was not happy after one but two means a mandatory salt post. Please fix this, being assassin pounced can be life or death for your character and can even make or break the entire match. Warnings need to be rock solid and offer fair chance of counterplay.

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Wait until you get the AI director throwing 10 consecutive assassin spawns in a row and all the buggers are jumping practically right away.

Occurs both in Athel Yenlui and Horn of magnus by the rooftop area… albeit very rarely.

Not a single gunner, fire or gasrat, just nonstop hook and sneakrats spawning, and leeches+stormers.

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Can’t say I’ve seen that outside of twitch mode, unless you mean “Director spawns almost nothing but assassins for several minutes straight” which I recorded on Blightreaper once.

…Well basically that, yep.

It starts by spawning 1-2 of them then it just keeps spawning more whenever one dies, which quickly becomes nasty in any area where they have easy jumps.-

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I could swear this also happens with Beastmen Banners sometimes. Nothing but banners for several minutes.
But this is the “Zaru bitches about assassins” thread so I digress :smile:


Hey Zaru I bet you’ll love this


Like most of the enemies, when they work right they’re not a problem. It’s all the behavior inconsistencies/bugs. Assassins are supposed to remain in place when they spawn as the audio plays and then their movement turns on shortly after. They’re also supposed to make sounds when they leap at a player. You can dodge most things just by audio alone, without even turning to look at it. But I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard an assassin screech as it starts a lunge at a player. It disappeared at some point as a bug I’m sure.

The assassins ricocheting is probably there to prevent them from splatting on everything(but still be splattable). They’re the only special that can kill itself. This can lead to goofy behaviors from them, skipping like a pebble across water in places, bouncing off walls, leaping and being kicked up into the air, etc.

Their turn animation also isn’t as fast as it should be at times, so they leap faster than they turn and catch players off-guard. The time from when they touch ground and can leap again is supposed to be consistent, but is sometimes near instant. Other times they look at one player and leap at another. If it’s a crafty way of them being an assassin, then kudos. But those are just observations.

Every enemy seems to have its issues, like how Blightstormers don’t always pick up enemies when they should. Assassins sometimes walk through or leap through Blighstorms unhindered. Other times they get tossed around by a storm.

Remember that period of time where Assassins were basically Raytheon missiles? Or when they are climbing an object but have no animation for it, rather they just teleport to up/down and can leap immediately.

Not being host when trying to push an assassin can suck because they will almost always still do damage and knock you down. Players can work around that by dodging and then pushing so they never get hit but still stagger the assassin, but it’s a shame players have to resort to that as a client.

Assassins are one of the most counterable and easiest specials to deal with because of all their vulnerabilities (but they’re still dangerous). Even if they’re going through a horde you can still push them as they get to your face. They’re pretty loud a lot of the time (go figure for an assassin). Low health pool, unarmored, pretty predictable behavior, abusable behavior, etc. Then you have specials like Blighstormers casting through walls, casting from the next solar system, and lurking around endlessly. Packmasters are tough, don’t stagger easily, are exceptionally quiet, can grab you from inside a horde and drag you into it, and can have semi-erratic behavior(usually occurs after attempting to grab a player or placing a player on a pole).

One of the biggest things that Fatshark did, which I believe was intentional, is make it so other enemies won’t target a pinned player. One of the coolest features of watching Skaven plow each other over or a Gunner shooting an assassin off a player. Bestigor charging a player and knocking them from a Packmaster’s hold. They changed that some time after Winds of Magic launched, but I don’t remember when. I was always irked that Fatshark removed such a cool feature. Now enemies do basically nothing to the enemy pinning a player (an assassin being absolutely blasted by a Gunner just continues to sit on a player) or all enemies ignore the pinned player.

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