Annoying horn

Alright so i’ve played darktide for a couple of months now and it’s a good game. I have only one problem, and apparently nobody else has ever noticed this or bothered by it. 0 reddit posts or forum posts about it.

the horn. it sounds exactly like the bus horn from bo2 transit zombies horn and it constantly goes off
probably 100 times a run,
i’ve come to understand it happens when enemies pour out but it’s just super fn annoying and it ends up just staying in my head and playing when it’s not even there. WHAT IS THE HORN, and why is it there. has anyone else noticed this ? is anyone else bothered by this? i am literally so annoyed by it… please respond

I’ve been playing since beta and I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. The ‘incoming horde’ indicator?
I’ve got sensitive enough hearing that a lot of ‘everyday’ sounds are absolutely miserable for me, but I can’t say I’ve had a problem with anything in this particular game. Sounds like it may just be a misophonia trigger for you.
If you can grab a clip of the sound that’s giving you grief, some enterprising modder may be able to pull off a substitution.

I also, have no idea what horn the OP is talking about, I don’t recall -ever- hearing a horn in the game? Certainly not any degree of it being something that constantly goes off.

Do you hear this horn right now?


This one

It’s the alarm at the beginning of Carnival - Mercantile and Archivum Sycorax ventilation event

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This post made my day, it’s so funny.



I think you should try turning off Music Volume. I think it’s part of the music, at least it is in Vermintide 2.

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its an indicator in events that are “hold the objective” until the job is done, that new horde spawned.

it’s annoying as f it doesn’t need to go off 3 times a minute, sometimes within 20 seconds of its self. they should get rid of it.

Oh god, what have you done? Now I hear a school bus filled with clowns when this horn sounds.

toot toot

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