Annoying bus horn

Alright so i’ve played darktide for a couple of months now and it’s a good game. I have only one problem, and apparently nobody else has ever noticed this or bothered by it. 0 reddit posts or forum posts about it.

the horn. it sounds exactly like the bus horn from bo2 transit zombies horn and it constantly goes off
probably 100 times a run, inconsistently. HONK HONKKKKKK

i’ve come to understand it happens when enemies pour out but it’s just super fn annoying and it ends up just staying in my head and playing when it’s not even there. WHAT IS THE HORN, and why is it there. has anyone else noticed this ? is anyone else bothered by this? i am literally so annoyed by it… please respond

It is the bzzt noise when a spawn door is about to open or that ominous noise that players before you get a horde or specialist wave?

it sounds exactly like the bo2 zombies horn from transit. it’s not a bzzt sound that’s for sure. it sounds like a car or truck horn

This one?

yes, stg it’s in game and goes off constantly when dealing with hordes

Yeah, that’s being used as the generic alarm noise, especially in Carnival - Mercantile at the beginning. It’s also used for almost all events that have an alarm, like most of the new interrogator events.

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