An idea for Volley/repeater x-bows

Ill note my experience is only on cata but these weapons feel terrible to me. Volley on BH is usable but personally i see it as a worse x-bow.

My sugestion is to reverse the fire modes. Left click should be the multi-shot/burst shot mode. Go ahead increase the bloom for each arrow here. But then the alt fire is a zoomed in single fire mode, with solid accuracy.

The idea is to give it better versatility with a close range burst damage option and an accurate but low damage med-long range option. Something between x-bow and repeater pistol.


It’s an interesting idea, but I’d prefer it to function better in a specific niche (horde clear) that BH otherwise lacks with his ranged options, rather than become even more generalist.

If they won’t give it any of its cleave back I think giving BH an option to spec into more cleave would help it a lot. My personal preference would be to add a ranged cleave increase to Weight of Fire with the added bonus of making that talent more competitive, and letting BH do something with his ranged weapons that his other careers can’t (ranged cleave with volley and to an extent maybe BoP), with the trade off being having to give up Open Wounds to run it this way.

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