Am I the only one loving the HUDless Weekly event?

Causual Vermintide 2 player here! After jumping on to check whats happening lately in the game, my players group stumbled upon this week’s HUDless Weekly event ,and we are absolutely loving it! The immersion is intensified, and you can fully take in the beauty of the world, without being distracted by and having our hands held with the HUD. The only downside is the rewards for the struggle seem to be abit LOW, but as a casual player this doesn’t really bother us. Is there a way to play HUDless when this weekly event ends???



This mod lets you bind a key to toggle hud on and off in the mod options, wherever you are.


Act On Instinct is easily one of my favorite weekly modifiers. It’s a ton of fun, and really adds a unique challenge to the regular maps. Definitely ones of those that benefits from understanding the game and its characters too.


It also makes for some gorgeous screenshots, aye! Playing it inspired me to make my Hide UI mod, which I’m hopeful that it gets sanctioned sooner rather than later :sweat_smile:


It is the absolute best weekly ever. I really hope there is a way to keep doing it somehow after it ends.

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