Am I the only one losing Legend 99% of the times?

If you were getting the exact same thing, you wouldn’t be saying this. Your theoretical “conflag sienna” would be dead before she could even begin casting if this was happening to your group in earnest. Big difference between “that horde just popped into play” and “the horde popped into play right on top of us so tight no one can move and they’re already all swinging.”

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You are very adamant. I played at least 50 hours only on legend since 1.06. I sleepwalk through legend with bots doing 1 tome 1 grim on my sienna. (I only have 50% success rate solo with bots on other characters)

  • Unchained sienna has much higher eHP than others.
  • She can just conflag on top or right in front of herself to make breathing room instantly.
  • If things are dire she can just ult.
  • She can stagger every armored, and deletes unarmored units.

This leads to lot less pressure for your entire group, and you can deal with those unfair moments.

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It just sounds like you’re not bugged. These things happened in 1.0.5 but everyone won despite them. In 1.0.6 they just add onto the new issues, the primary offender of which is: every run plays out like a full deed run.

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How many times do I have to tell you. I know that glitch. Regardless, even legend deeds are pretty easy too and is very doable if you plan ahead. Heck there was a guy who did a solo run of vanguard+increased spawn with fireball sienna in this very forums.

I agree that the glitch sucks. But what I’m saying is that legend is still pretty easy to manage even with that glitch. Don’t tell people that are clearing legend easily that they aren’t experiencing that glitch.

Yeah, they are… which is why quickplay being worst than a deed is not normal?

So you already know full well everything is glitched and you thought you’d come swing your junk around? a) I don’t believe you; b) there have always been various degrees of bugginess between users, even in 1.0.5; c) there’s no objective way to quantify the degree to which an individual user’s game is bugged and different people seem to be “carriers” of varying degrees of messed up ig bs; d) If you were “experiencing that glitch” you wouldn’t be saying “lol I can solo this with bots on sienna even when a hundred mobs and specials get dropped directly on top of my position all swinging at me at once.”


This is going to be my last post because I don’t think it is worth my time anymore to argue with you.

deed qustion : that is irrelevant to the current discussion
a : feel free to do so
b : yes
c : yes
d: I experience the following glitches often :

  • Mobs spwaning out of thin air, sometimes right in front of you
  • specials spwaning right in front of our eyes and starting the attack animation
  • specials that attack without sound queues
  • (probably not a glitch) getting a horde + multiple disablers while fighting a boss

And just to you sir : git gud.


You didn’t post here to argue/debate or have any kind of conversation… You literally posted to say you still clear w/o issue and you didn’t comment on the bugs at all until pressed to explain yourself.

All of the bugs you just described occured in 1.0.5. Every player gets different levels of bugginess and if you’re playing solo as much as you say you are, it sounds straight up like you’re not experiencing what we’re talking about. “Sometimes right in front of you” is not the same as what’s being described in this thread. At all.

It’s not “git gud,” it’s that you’re being arrogant and assuming you’re better than you are. A conflag staff and three lolbots does not compensate for the extreme level of broken-ness experienced players are facing right now. Also, no matter how good someone is that doesn’t compensate for how the bots perform under these circumstances, which is to say, poorly.


I don’t think I’d go so far as to say Legend is “easy”.

That aside, I’ve been mostly successful with my Legend runs. I run all sorts of stuff and will be with random groups. I like playing Handmaiden/Shade or Pyro/Unchained. Sometimes Saltzpyre if people are doing Footknight/Ironbreaker or at least 1 tanky thing. Unchained is a beast and can do a lot. Handmaiden/Shade are both really good at what they do and can salvage botched runs; this being especially useful when doing quickplay where groups may not be so coordinated, team mates trying out new stuff, etc. The conflag staff definitely gives you a lot of control over enemies, which is useful. I like that and the fireball staff.

I’ve had those happen as well. Frequently. I kind of just expect it at this point, lol. While I agree those things shouldn’t be happening, I think success is also a matter of improving one’s self and adapting to situations. Obviously getting the entire enemy set dropped on you is pretty brutal and requires some kind of coordination or killer play making. In general though, those things shouldn’t be happening. They’re one of the main culprits of many people getting screwed on Legend runs. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner than later.

How about mobs that stuck below earth and can attack you?) Not very common glitch but scary.

Also yeah with balanced team legend won’t be that hard. But balanced team in quickplay is a myth. And lastly git gud has it limits. Some situations cant be carried even if you are Sigmar himself.


I’d love to see the “git gud” crowd’s handling of a boss, three hordes, 20 specials, 20 elites, a patrol etc etc all at the bottom of the ladder in Hunger in the Dark, half of it dropped directly on top of you… or at the start of any level for example because that’s happened in pretty much every single run I’ve done since the patch. We’ve cleared that sort of thing several times but with the current bugs/issues, the pressure never lets up. These are not “challenging” situations, these are situations wherein you are being coned (ie. a traffic cone in your place would be just as successful). Then there’s the situations where you’d just outright instagibbed before there’s even any audio or visual queue to react to.


I hate forums. Mostly because I can’t remove posts made by imbecilic wanna-be trolls. Do not waste your time with it.


If you see spawns like that then you should record it and send it to fatshark.

The main issue with people complaining about spawns out of no where etc is that the feedback isn’t actually useful. People need to report bugs properly by stating exactly where and what spawned and then it will be easier on the devs side to determine whether it actually is a bug or not and if it is how to fix it.

At the moment it all gets lost because there will be some genuine cases of spawns bugging out and some cases where there actually isn’t anything wrong and it is a literal case of “git gud”


If that’s not an exaggeration, you must have some pretty terrible luck. For me, there is also a mix of realism that is killed when tons of stuff is spawned at the start. The heroes literally just teleported in and somehow all of these enemy forces are magically mobilized and ready to onslaught them. It’s just a little silly.

That’s one of the problems at the moment and they’re working on it, as far as I know. It’s less about being challenging and more about gimmicks. It becomes a “how well can you react to BS situations?” sort of scenario. It’s also not particularly fun to get cheesed like that so frequently. I’m pretty sure that isn’t their intent and Fatshark is working on all that stuff. All you can do in the mean time is try to adjust and expect stuff like this to happen. I will literally not play certain careers right now because of these issues. Certain careers excel at handling these situations and the uncertainty of quick play, so I favor them and in turn have better success. Other than bringing to Fatshark’s attention the problem with the spawning and feedback and such, there isn’t much else to say or do until it’s fixed.

Very true. Good idea. Do you by chance know some good recording programs for those that don’t have one? I know OBS and are a couple.


I’m not personally keyed up on recording as I tend to avoid it but my friend uses the nvidia shadowplay and recently caught this on hunger in the dark.

I’ll post it as a proper bug report later when I can.


Normally I’d agree but at this density of issues, it’s a little annoying to provide such detailed specifics beyond “please fix the gd game we paid for.” The most basic of play testing should have revealed a multitude of issues. If this was early access, it wouldn’t bother me so much. It feels less like we’re helping out at this point and more like we’re doing the dev’s job for them or outright beta testing still. It would be nice to hear more from them on the subject I guess. It’s just frustrating.

There are a few places where invisible or “on your head” horde spawns do happen with regularity, and experienced players know about them and avoid them (eg. the top of the elevator in Righteous Stand, right after 2nd grim in Righteous Stand), and most patrols have bugged pathing making them completely unavoidable (less of an issue now that chaos patrols are more manageable regardless of comp). These bugs do tend to be consistent and I know they’re working on them but it’s turned the game into a wrote experience wherein we just have to know exactly where to stop and wait and when to move. Takes all spontaneity and fun out of it.

Most of the bugs, though, are just random and there’s no way to pin it down or they’re subjective and difficult to compare to any standard or norm. The most objective thing I can say in general is that I’m getting tiwce as many kills and twice as much damage in the same amount of time in 1.0.6 as I was in 1.0.5 with the exact same loadout, which isn’t normal at all.

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Not an exaggeration, sadly. Hordes start coming before the timer should allow it (telltale sign that something is seriously wrong). Bosses are coming straight out of the gate out of the starting area. Happens so much now I can’t remember it not happening. We often manage to clear it but we know when the director is behaving that way it’s not going to ever let up. It’s exhausting.

Before 1.0.6, I enjoyed wiping. It was hilarious because it was rare enough you could laugh about the insanely unlikely circumstances the AI director gave you. Now, it’s the opposite.

As for careers, I’m the same way. I only play people who are versatile enough to handle/carry everything because I know the director will constantly demand it. It’s very annoying because I enjoy all of the characters.

The spot on fort brachen when you turn right has another as well. These insta spawn spots are probably a more productive start though.

On the damage side, they did increase skaven hordes last patch. Whether thats enough to double your kills etc I dont know.


I’ve had a few runs where I could feel the increased horde rate in what I suspect was their intended outcome… In those runs, the kills/damage made sense. It was a bit more but not “wtf” levels of size/frequency. The rate is most often at “Send in the Next Wave” frequency, sometimes with smaller, silent, mini-hordes smattered in from time to time, which is definitely abnormal.

Best I can describe it is that if we imagined the ai director to be a switchboard, with every switch controlling a different spawn/behaviour, the game feels like every single switch is permanently locked in the “on” position in most runs.

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No, Fatshark just focking hates us and lets us know via the AI director. They want us to die repeatedly.
Otherwise they’re just incompetent.


I think a standard, detailed “Known Issues” list in the patch notes would go a long way to improving enjoyment and alleviating frustration. Bugs are more tolerable when you know they’re there. When you find things you didn’t know were there and the devs didn’t mention them in the patch notes, it gives the impression the devs were misguided and though everything was working fine.

Eg. “There is a known issue where the AI Director thinks you murdered its family and no matter what, it will try as hard as possible to delete you, forever… also, there are bugs.”

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