Alternative to Temp HP

I’d like to see a more “realistic” resource management system for melee than temporary health.

What about using Fatigue instead as a combat oriented resource? Similar to the overcharge mechanic but for non-magic stuff.

  1. Fatigue is constantly decreasing until it reaches 0 (much quicker than overcharge though).
  2. Every combat action adds a little fatigue. Light attacks a little and charged attacks a bit more. Blocking, shoving, and dodging also increases fatigue.
  3. Taking damage adds a big chunk of fatigue.
  4. Fatigue reduces your damage resistance by some appropriate percentage.
  5. High fatigue reduces your attack power (damage, stagger, cleave etc).
  6. Low fatigue provide bonuses to attack speed, dodge range, movement speed.
  7. Different careers/roles/gear get their own bonuses to fatigue management. Ex, tanks fatigue cost to getting hit or blocking/shoving is reduced.
  8. Healing and buff items also provide temporary buffs to fatigue reduction.

This would reward skillful play and make taking the occasional hit not so punishing, removing the “need” for temp hp, while also providing an intuitive and natural guide to how well you play your role (instead of green circles).

Perhaps an idea for the next game if too much change for this one :slight_smile:

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