Allow us to summon friends' characters as bots

I know that solo isn’t done yet, that the devs are working on it.
I know that the ability to customize our bots ala Vermintide isn’t available, and I hope the devs are working on it.

However, IF the devs are working on the ability to customize bots, I have a feature request with regards to that.

Let us summon our friends’ characters as bots
Let us set a specific character as a reinforcement character that our friends can pull into the game while they’re in Solo or Private mode.

Our characters’ data are all stored on the server. We all have our favourite or best characters. A number of Japanese games, such as Phantasy Star Online 2 and the Toukiden series (a Monster Hunter clone) allow us to summon bots of our friend’s characters.

This feature would serve as a very organic way to encourage people to create groups and make returning to the game as a group a habit. The fact that we’re all using our own created characters means that there will be no end to the breath of player characters we could summon, provided we’re friends with them.

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It was a pretty great feature in Dragon’s Dogma, but I don’t trust these devs to pull it off to that degree.
There’s a few interesting potential issues with it though. Figuring out what loadout your friends were using last and whether it complements your team well. This would also require a function to inspect the loadout of people in your team, which is a frequently requested feature that’s missing. You might be able to summon bots far above your gear level, in fact, there might be people with maxed out characters who hire them out for this purpose (consider that there’s less than one ten thousandths chance to get one piece of perfect gear), so it would need a balancing feature.
And both the basic premise and the aforementioned problems could be solved by just copypasting Vermintide 2’s system over.

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This is a cool idea (=