Allow us to randomly gift lootboxes

About half the games I play at this point are with friends who are new to the game.
This leaves me with a number of chests that I have zero use for.
It would be nice if I could gift them, even if the recipient is totally unknown to me.

I would be fine taking chests from my stash and giving them to a random low level player who is currently online.
I would be fine giving up my chest at the end of a mission, and having it go to some random player active who completed the mission with me.
I don’t think it would be a good idea to let me choose my recipient, because that might lead to situations where every lower level person I’m playing with asks me for free loot.

Basically, any chest below Champion-General has no value to me, and, as I try to welcome newer members into the community, I’m getting a bunch of these chests. This includes commendation chests. I would just like to do something with them.


I kind of want this as well… but I can see it being heavily abused. Not to mention people selling them. I don’t see a problem with giving up lower lvl chests, like vet and below. But champ and legend chests would be an issue.

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I completely hear you.

That’s why I’m thinking

– gift to a random player who just finished the map with you (if it’s only two people, this could lead to minor abuse, but at least it’s a chest at their player level).
– gift to a random (low level) player who is in-game right now (the sample size is so big that you couldn’t possibly direct it to a person).

Let’s say I’m transitioning a friend to Champion, there are going to be circumstances where I don’t care about the chest and they’re still trying to get orange items, so I’d like to give up my chest at the end of a game.

No arguments about the legend chests at all. Unless someone has maxed out their reds across all classes, I can’t imagine them wanting to part with these chests. Furthermore, I could imagine this generating a weird elicit market… but I don’t think that would happen for Champion chests, as these are accessible from daily quests.

There’s still a chance that champion chests drop reds, it’s like 3-5% or something. So I can see people stacking up 100’s of them and selling them. Same for legend, where there’s around a 15% chance or so. I mean, I know people with over 1k chests sitting in their inventory because they have no need to open them. They would for sure sell them.

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I may have phrased this poorly.

In the system I’m envisioning, after you complete the map, you could elect to give up the chest you just got. As in, this is happening at the end of map screen before you go back to the hub.

In this case, it goes to a person who completed the map with you. In this system, no one could sell a chest they’d been sitting on, they could only give the chest they are receiving (right now) to a (random) person in the party at the end of map. Hypothetically, a person could exploit this by…paying 3 Legend level players to complete a deed map and all elect to forfeit their chests: netting 6 chests in the process. That’s an exploit I’d really worry a little about – but this could be countered by limiting the number of gift chests a person could get at end of map?

In the second case, let’s say I’m sitting on 300 chests that I don’t care about (which is true for me at this moment). If I give one away, it doesn’t necessarily go to someone in the lobby with me; it goes to a (lower level) player who is in-game at this moment. Even in the dead of night, you’re still looking at a hundred or so players online, so it’s really doubtful that you could get the chest to a person who paid you money, or whatever. I think of this forfeiture is random altruism.

I realize we’re only arguing about countermeasures for champion chests. What other exploits might you think of? What countermeasures might you propose – short of a complete ban on champion chest giving?

Whereas I don’t have too many problems witht a system that randomly would allow you to gift a chest to someone you have just completed the map with from the same loot pool. I can envisage the system might be subject to some degree of abuse, such as in situations where there are only 2-3 players in the party. I would be more agreeable to this system if it is limited to only a certain number per day (in terms of numbers received, not given), limited the chest types that could be given to only those in the lower 2 difficulties, and perhaps also limits the system by level, or maximum achieved hero power overall.

My biggest concern, which can probably be addressed by limiting the number of chests you can receive a day, would be that extra chests might unintentionally speed up the pace at which a player increases their overall hero power. Thus bypassing some of the speed bumps in place to make sure a new player is learning the mechanics and not jumping into the deep end (a higher difficulty they may not yet be ready for). On top of that, I’m not sure if it would be worth FatSharks time to implement the system, because in order to implement it in a way that doesn’t upset the game’s progression for new players and prevents the system from being abused, I don’t envisage it would affect a large enough portion of the community for long enough to make it worthwhile.

Personally, I would prefer a system that gives us more options on how to use our salvaged items. As this way it would stay relevant to everyone in the game.

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I too would like to be able to gift chests but it would be nice if I was able to gift a specific person.

To make it a less risk for abuse etc, I’d prefer if you could gift the chest you just won to a player in your team, who completed that map with you. Like how some games handle trading of items when doing a dungeon and you can trade it with anyone who was with you for 2 hrs etc…

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