Allow us to cancel quickplay if desired

When we press Quickplay and it starts searching, oftentimes it finds a group for a class we already want to play. If we hit cancel it moves on to search the next group and/or widens the search. But sometimes at that point I just want to cancel the search and no longer look for quickplay groups. But it does not let me do this.

This is especially important at times like this week where I am saltzpyre and look for a QP group and EVERY SINGLE GROUP out there already has a saltzpyre. I cannot simply stop the searching without alttabbing out and hardkilling the game.

There are other times too when I want to abandon the search, such as I want to instead join a friend that’s come online.

Options-> Network-> Suggest other Heroes
Turn that off and Boom! If that happens you start your own quick play.

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F10 immediately after declining to join a game will cancel the next quick search

This doesn’t actually work always. I have it off and still join games that the hero is picked and get the select other hero menu.
I think it put me into hosting only once.

That’s weird. I’ve had it happen a couple of time but I figured that happens when a person playing the career I want to play joins just before me And reserves the slot while I’m already joining.
But it happens a fraction of the times it does with that option on.

I might just be incredibly unlucky, wouldn’t be the first game :smiley:

F10 is bugged and no longer functions (has been aknowledged by @FatsharkJulia i belive)

what should work, is: Escape-> disband party or exit to title screen, both result in you spawning in the keep, even if you were alone to begin with. not great but better to shutdown the game entirely each time.

Hmmm I see this in every single game I play.

Messages in the chat saying “X is joining”, “X has left” over and over and over.

People, tick the “Strict Matchmaking” box. It searches only for games where your current character is available. It’s that easy.

Yeah, I’ve started writing the message with “Suggest other Heroes” in chat at the beginning of the game and if someone joins a couple of time you can post it again with enter->arrow up->enter.
So the people can read it between joining/canceling. It seemed to help a couple of times.

It would be easier to just copy/paste it but every time i paste something with ctrl+v the message gets pasted twice. Does anyone else have this problem?

It works if you press it immediately after declining to join a game before it is searching for a new game. If you watch the upper right it will for a very short period say that f10 will cancel the search.

If you’re using Steam, you can use this sanctioned mod to host your own quickplay games. Then you’ll always be the character you want.

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