Allow players to cancel their CW vote

When Chaos Wastes launched, you could cancel your vote on Holseher’s map.
This was a nice feature since Chaos Wastes is a game mode with a longer time commitment so whenever someone went AFK for a bit you could cancel your vote to wait for them.

But now this feature has been taken away in 4.4, there’s no reasoning behind this I’ve found, why take away a QoL feature that had no downsides?


Worst change ever, I can’t spam my character token back and forth aggressively. Sometimes your teammate needs to answer the door because his UBER EATS came in, come on is this not something that’s happened at least once with ANYONE!?


Eh. There was the odd memer, griefer or troll who would try to screw everyone over at the last second, but I think that was fundamentally due to one vote being able to outweigh the other three.

That can still happen though, you can change your vote at any time, just not withdraw it.


I don’t understand it either considering you can still make the noise, you can still swap between options, but now you can’t cancel so you can float in limbo on the map. I guess if it’s any silver lining I think most, if not all, of the maps for CW don’t have the AI director start on spawn, but rather until you move so far ahead.

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Apparently players using a controler (PC) can still withdraw their vote.

The last time I managed to wrangle 4 friends together for a CW run, one was a controller player and he could withdraw his vote while the rest of us couldn’t.

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