Allow more melee weapons to bisect low level mobs

Cutting poxwalkers in half with the Eviscerator and the Powersword is hella fun and literally never gets old so giving this ability to more weapons (that makes sense of course) would only make the game better. You dont even have to increase damage just aply the animation to those weapons. And im also only talking about low leve chaff and not specials/elites.

Some weapons that it would make sense to do it:

Chainsword and Chain-axe (on sweep heavy attack)

Heavy Sword (should slice through rotting poxwalkers like butter)

Ogryns Knives (Ogryn strength + slashing aminations with a blade= poxwalker halves flying)

Plz fatshark expand this feature

Ogryn knives can already chop mobs in half. Most of the weapons you’ve listed aren’t heavy/powerful enough to do it, particularly the swords

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Well its the other weapons i listed are chain weapons that should cut through poxwalkers, and the sword is literally called Heavy Sword.

I have no problem dealing with hordes with a Catachan devil claw.

This isnt about buffing its about allowing the cut in half animation.