Aiming ground target effects

When aiming an attack that targets the ground you don’t aim at the point you wish to centre the template but vaguely above the target.

This hasn’t been an issue in the past since previously all ground target effects have had large explosion templates but recent additions of Thornwake and Coruscation staff has made this behaviour frustrating.

Pic1: Aiming at the floor the unit is standing on will miss
Pic2:Aiming at the centre mass will miss
pic3:Aiming above the unit will hit

This behaviour also means that you must aim at the sky for maximum range. I think it’s much more intuitive and accurate for the template to instead be centred on the cursor.

Alternatively I think I would like the current system but have max range be when looking straight ahead. I don’t want to necessarily be limited by my sight lines in some cases, especially with uneven terrain.

I’d be willing to give direct aim a shot but I would not like to be forced to look down to do stuff

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