AI director needs a cooldown for the big, nasty combos

Right now the director can hit you with a brutal, grueling fight that drains your resources (boss, 4-6 specials, armored patrol, and horde all at the same time), then do the same thing again around the next corner. It’s a death sentence for a run on any difficulty, is not fun, and makes players feel like RNG decided the outcome of the run rather than player skill and effort.

The director should keep track of how hard it’s beating the players down and have a cooldown after sending big events. Even the best players could use a little breathing room after surviving an absurd battle with basically every enemy in the game. At the very least the aforementioned run-ending combo should only occur (at most!) once per run.

I agree. For example, today I had 3 games in a row like that(champion). On one of the levels (Fort B.) there were 10 stormvermin at the very start,so close to each other that they all had to be killed. The moment we got got the road there was a horde with a bunch of specials,after we killed them all 2 gutter runners spawned directly on top of my teammates, we didn’t even get to the broken down cart and we got a boss and another horde. After that we had 5-6 chaos warriors near the 2nd tome and when we got down to the riverbank we had another boss + horde, a chaos warrior patrol,2 blightstormers, 2 packmasters and 2 leeches. We got wiped there.

i strongly disagree, this is what makes the game fun for me. having a party clutch survive and then recovering to finish the level is what makes for great games.

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