AI bug & problems

Kruber started to avoid us for around 30% of the level in Cata weekly Event
Like we smell bad or maybe lost faith in us ? Even Bardin Bot wasn’t able to understand him.

But after that they made up and now freely avoid us together like usual bot trolling chasing a ratling that spawned prob too far from us ( i wont mention how they trigger Pat earlier)
Since we are talking about bots why not sharing some interesting performance
Lastly i want to add a word for some bug from launch of WoM the Beastmen background music loop for an entire level is still occuring from time to time less but not fixed.

In addition

Starting to have this problem more and more and remind me of vermintide 1 AI

Here i asked sienna to take a healing pot at 3rd tome spot she could’nt get it so she keep walking toward it and get teleported back to me indefinetly until i reached the last event aera ( she succeed to teleport the pot in her hands)

3rd tome spot usualy make the bots fails to grab the item back in launch but they stop trying after a while, this is kinda embarrassing.

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