Against the Grain is the least enjoyable map

Mostly because the objectives are entirely speed based, the META for that map shifted to getting everything done as fast as humanely possible (making the already strong careers with high mobility even stronger), I had a lot more fun as both the hero and skaven when the objectives forced the teams to slow down (to capture a zone or push a slow cart)

It still has its merits, I still definitely appreciate the work the devs went through to modify it (though it feels like borderline visual clutter at times but can just be me due to my low resolution), and its definitely a different gameplay pace as a mad-rush to the end, but the current balance makes it largely unenjoyable

But, I am curious of other people’s opinion on this as well, so please write


Is a boring map.

And too short.

It needs some fixing.

It is a map with a lot of open areas, but somehow, we need to reduce a bit those areas.

Maybe adding more obstacles, or longer/bigger obstacles in the first part, for example.

In my opinion.

Should have gone straight for the boss maps and done the uncool ones later

Maybe it is more complex to do that.

I think it needs a couple of places that the heroes need to stop and hold for a while, it’s quite unfun to see everyone just rushing the whole map.

@PochQuimbayo TOTALLY AGREE.

Thats what I tried to explain.

The issue does get magnified by move-techs, I’m not sure how I feel about them, sometimes they get ridiculously fast, and, why not just do them at every chance you get? (especially for the more competitive players)

For most maps, I break them into sections in my mind.

TLDR, Not my favorite, but not the absolute worst.

Weather Review for the map:

Raining (the best!)
Night (is there a night run? Its been a while)
Sunny Day (Blinding mid-run, audible groan when it’s not raining)
Snow ? ( frozen fields, maybe actually snowing) (the Dream)

Side Tangent: I would love if weather changed the map (listen up FS!). Snow would cover and block sections. Rain would flood, etc. etc. You’re welcome.

The Review:

Opening Section: (Start-1st tome barn drop)
For me, AtG has a great opening section, one of my favorites with the farm field blocking sight. Fun for sniping. Very troubling as the dwarf, but also funny when your the slayer and can leap out of the bushes. I wish more hordes would spawn on that first drop before the barn. The barn is a great test to see how your lobby will perform with the Patrol/Boss spawn more often than not, the area also has a high rate of pots/bombs/medkits to load up for the next sections.

Second Section: (Barn to Find Key Barn)
I like this section as well, although the open areas is never explored enough, players always skip item sections. I do agree that this section in particular drops my overall enjoyment of the level significantly. The Big tree hill has the worst blinding moment in the game. The players literally have to run up a hill with the sun directly blinding them in the face. Probably my least favorite moment of any map in the game. (which is why I love it when its raining!). The barn fights and pigs around are fun, the forced boss fight is also fun!

Final Section: (after forced boss fight to end)
This section is probably where most grips will happen. The trot to the “event” is fine, strangely this is where people seem to die a lot. Overall, I think its fine, its more of a test to see what groups can stay together and when the leeeroy players like to poke there head out of the group. Overall, it is one of the sections where speed it prioritized by the community but not where I’ve seen players get the most upset. Usually, a player that runs ahead and sits at the finish line is commended by others (if the group has been on the struggle bus).

End Event: The thing I like about this event is it all goes to sh!t right at the start with the group of beserkers, someone ALWAYS seems to go down immediately and die.

Its baffling how often this occurs. 9 times out of 10 if the group is competent with the 1st Chaos Warriors fight, they will most likely roll through to the end. Id rather the group wipe immediately than close to the end. The cracks in the runs also seem to show with the second drop and that mf’ing fire barrel.

The event is an interesting take on how players naturally work together, I think it is fine. The “you got to be kidding me moment” is if the player that speeds ahead, open the doors after saving the last villager and leaves.

All I ask is just wait for the team before that final door because once its opened, see ya!

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are you sure you are correct here?

you seem to be talking about regular map. This is about vs mode though. Maps different and due to PVP gameplay is alot different

You’re right, whoops.

@kqgee Yeahhh!!!

EDIT: @EPIC_Bitch Is also right.