After 12 rounds of new Legendary I think the changes are a big improvement

Director feels much more fair but challenging. Elites are more plentiful. I’m happy to grind this difficulty now. Lost a few to bad handling of chaos patrol, one of which was silent (seemed like the Chaos Patrol on screaming bell agroed on us from above while we were all in the room with the 2nd grim), but some patrols are actually making noise now at least.
Lost one game to a Bile Troll, 3 or 4 specials and a horde (right after we had just fought a horde) at the second grim in Hunger to the Dark, even though it felt hard it felt doable though we were just split up and half our team got caught in bile while the other half got incapacitated.
Even had two reds drop for our group which was very nice.
Overall I’m very happy with the game and appreciate all the hard work and fast response times. I’m looking forward to your next release already!


Cool! Thanks for letting us know.

We’ll continue clicking away while you play.