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That’s Bloody Teamwork!
I tested Defensive formation before BBB, and I can say, that 5% dr is what I got most of the time. Protective Presense have a very small radius. This new talent have the same problem, real bonus is too small to be competitive with over talents. I suggest to make Kruber his own ally, so he would have additional 5% dr always and thus team will receive additional 20% dr if they will decide to breathe poison gas together.

Tag Team
Good rework, previous version had a huge drawback in -15% dr, for pitiful 10% power.
Bodyguard mechanic adds depth to this talent.

Trample (Wide Charge)
Played more games with this talent. All times I use it, I think that it would be good to have some damage bonus after pushing enemies with it, because I simply do not use it to full extent. Because I do not need it. I can’t deny it’s usefulness, but I consider that situations in which this talent would allowed to save the day is rarely occur. I suggest to merge the ability to charge through the great foes with Numb to Pain and to bring back old Trample.


Share and Share Alike (Passive Ale Drop)
Interesting rework and use of the existing content. Previous version was unclaimed, so this is a good change.
With Handgun increased max ammo, Bardin get 2 ammo for Handgun with this talent. If Handgun max ammo will be reverted, I think this ammo recovery should stay.

Finesse is needed to receive maximum benefit. Passive is not helping from the hits from the sides. Angle of the “backstabs” it protecting is unknown. If it is the same Shade have, that passive part is not really useful. This talent have too much conditions for my liking.

Ranger’s Ambush (Smoke Attack Buff)
Now with addition to 15 seconds duration it gives 8% atk speed for team in the smoke. For me at least, it matches the purpose I used it, to beat enemies from the invisibility safely.

Ranger’s Parting Gift (Smoke Health Regeneration)
For me in particular, free bomb was more for fun build. Others may disagree though.

General thoughts:

Why Ironbreaker have overcharge slowdown? He is not wizard.


Drakki Wrath (Drake Fire Damage)
Awful talent. It gives you increased damage on high overcharge. You need to literally play with fire to receive the advantage from it. Drakegun is used in short bursts because there is always something that force you to interrupt firing. It can be enemy hit you need to block, it can be ally that entered the line of fire, or it simply can be lack of enemies to burn. Using short bursts on high overcharge is just asking for overheat explosion.

Besides, this talent increases only weapon damage, burn damage is unaffected. Thus it’s actual damage buff will be less than 20%.

If we take a look at previous talent, it’s negative effect was compensated by the Thermal Equalizer trait and gave you power to do more damage (burning damage included), and more importantly, power to stagger-control enemies better than with Barrage trait, that needed time “to accelerate”. With less power some of the enimes can hit you before they enter staggered state from the flame.
Also, you could choose this power boost for pistols if you wanted higher damage at the cost of less number of shots.

Ironbreaker’s Resolve (Stacking Offence Buff)
Very controversial. You need to loose Gromril to make use of this talent, but getting hit is not good in general.

Tunnel Fighter (Stacking Passive Cooldown)
You need full team of empire stormtroopers to maximize the efficience of this talent. Or one elf with hagbane. Potentially this is more powerful than previous version, but to get previous 13 seconds, you need to get hit 14 times. If average damage will be 50, it will be 700 damage. This is obscene amount of damage, and such approach endorsing sloppy low skill gameplay, that is wrong.

Increased max ammo makes me sloppy. I can care less about aim, about headshots.
I don’t think it is the right direction.
It have good synergy with Bardin ammo passive I like though.

to be continued…


When there isn’t the need to go through the enemies, you can simply stop the charge blocking!
But, the new effect, is really fundamental and it’s exactly how a tank’s charge should be!
Before this beta, one only SV could stop you to reach a downed ally.
You could charge a group of elites and stagger only 1-2 of them…

These frustrating situations must disappear… finally FK has something valid/uniqueì to bring in the battlefield. And finally he can (really) stagger better than IB.

Moreover I can’t understand the reason “It’s similar to HM charge”. Mate, we have tons of similar ults… rather we could say we mainly have only three types: dash, AoE and projectile.

HM’s dash has the invisibility to make it unique… and, if we want change something, we should aim to buff it (HM’s dash)… for example bring back the duration from 2 to 3 seconds.

I consider this talent too situational to be reliably effective. You trading off addidional damage or invincibility for ability you may not need. And more organized your team, the less chance you will need it.

I know about it. I simply state that not using talent potential, is wasting of the talent.

P.S. Kruber dropping a whole chaos patrol on its asses maybe looks fun, but it start to strain belief.

From one side, I agree with you: “old” Trample should not disappear (I loved weaken enemies)… but, at the same time, I feel the “new buffed Charge” totally essential for FK’s sake!

They both should remain.

But Iron Breaker can make that patrol totally harmless for 15 seconds, that is even a more powerfull effect!

Finally FK has a viable alternative!


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