Add special illusions for accessories too

Basically the idea is that accessories you get as loot can sometimes spawn with a special illusion that gives them a different look and description. I think this would be a good idea because:

  1. It’s a great way to add more snippets of lore.
  2. Illusions can be applied to duplicated red accessories as a way to differentiate them instead of scrapping.
  3. The more different illusions we have the easier it is to remember which accessory is for which class.
  4. Rare illusions could be displayed on your character model in-game as a way for players to further accessorize their looks along with hats etc.
  5. These could also be used as achievement/milestone rewards.

Ideas for new accessory illusions:

  • Mission specific souvenirs like a merchant’s hip flask from Burgenhafen, or a burned holy symbol salvaged from Ussingen etc.
  • Boss/Elite specific trophies.
  • Character or class specific items like a powder flask for Huntsman, a rare flower for Waystalker, a fang necklace for Slayer etc.

Some more ideas for special accessories, Ttese ones are character themed.

Saltz - Righteous Stand: Something salvaged from the Temple of Sigmar that Salty wouldn’t want to leave to the vermin like a holy symbol.
Saltz - Blightreaper: On a similar note, some personal possession of Father Krassman’s like a journal, or the key you use to unlock the temple. Or maybe even something heretical from the secret sanctum.
Bardin - Hunger in the Dark: A roasted troll haunch (a piece of meat with a bone in it). Bardin jokes about eating a troll sometimes, maybe he’s not joking?
Bardin - Into the Nest: A book of grudges overlooked by rat looters for it’s un-shiny nature. One day there will be a reckoning.
Bardin - A slayer’s necklace made using the biggest teeth from each boss monster
Bardin - A smelly cheese from the pile of loot in the Baron’s manor, shame if it went to waste
Markus - Righteous Stand: A whetstone on a rope, left behind by a fallen member of the garrison.
Markus - Blightreaper: A pair of very fancy drinking mugs embossed with the Bogenhafen crest, salvaged from the overrun beer garden. (he gave the other one to Bardin)
Markus - The signet ring of a sworn Reiksguard Knight
Kerilian - Against the Grain: An apple from the orchard. She hopes to plant the seeds somewhere the trees will grow up wild and free.

I must admit to drawing a blank on Sienna, though she is my least played character. Maybe you guys can think of something.


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