Add Gaurdsmen Cosmetic for Sharpshooter

this isn’t feedback for me so to speak and it’s going to be awfully controversial when I say this but I don’t mind if its a micro-transaction. My friend is obsessed with the guardsman in the 40k lore and that’s how i want to hook them in to getting the game call me petty af for doing so but it is what it is lol. Anyways don’t bash me too hard



I mean, why is there no cadia guardsman skin?

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Can you give us a picture of the guardman outfit you want? There is certainly armor in the game that more or less conforms to the general issue armor I’ve seen elsewhere.

Also once you get it unlocked you can buy different color patterns from the regular (no premium) store, though the absence of a preveiw means I’m not entirely sure of the color scheme…

…and I’m not sure when the more advanced armors will be in that shop. Like, the Guard helmet is basic helmet, helmet with face cloth, helmet with face cloth and goggle. Some of the items I’ve unlocked aren’t in the store in other colors.

Yes, it is. Don’t say that.

we basically already have the guardsman cosmetics with sharpshooter locked behind penaces and the armory store was you level up. is it a problem that it generally lacks the classic olive green armor?

Pretty sure that’s the case. I would also like to have the armor Vets have now but in the classic Cadian colors.

I can agree with that there is a bit lacking in the diverse cultural range the guardsmen in general have, from Catachan to Vallhalan etc. There is a very wide range of potential cosmetics that can be created for the guardsmen that adds more character and tone to how you want your Guardsmen to look like and represent, especially when some players would very much love to cosplay as Kriegsmen fully geared with Hellbore Lazguns and Shovels and some would be drawn to being a Felinid guardsmen since we all know even just putting cat ears on anything sells, 343i did so in Halo Infinite and almost everyone using the default Mk VII armor is using that accessory now.

And to address the question of a Cadian guard skin I’ll just leave this picture here:

That Golden font at the bottom right speaks for itself, there is a Cadian costume you can get your hands on, albeit its a premium cosmetic and that’s fair i guess since the Operative cosmetics are quintessentially various recolors with the Inquisitions markings and accessories, closest helmet recolor i found that could match the Cadian green is the “Navis Imperialis Boarding Party Helmet” unfortunately, it would be very nice if we could get some more recolors across the board for both the Armory Exchange and the Premium Shop in future content drops.