Add a Heroic Deeds filter option

It would be nice to organize and filter out deeds by difficulty and/or rarity.

Right now, I think the deeds are in the order that you acquired them which makes the pages look really messy.

I have 2 full pages of Legend deeds plus various Champion and 3 Veteran deeds. I hate having to hover over each one to find the ones that I would like to do.

Use this mod,

It will give you the option to sort your deeds,


I don’t use mods.

Mods crash my game.

This is a feature that should already be in the main game.

Doesn’t use mods but is the 4th person down on the comments for the linked mod. Hmmmmmmmm


Most quality of life features that the mods bring should already be in the game, but I would prefer that Fatshark would focus on bug fixing instead of literally implementing stuff that already works fine.

If mods really do crash your game for some reason while working fine for everybody else, then you should report it to Fatshark or the corresponding mod creators.

Fatshark already denies mods that have features they are going to implement themselves. So if these mods are getting approved, it means FS has no plans to put those features in the game. You can look through some of the denied mods on steam and see them saying this.


A scathing attack. I don’t know how he’ll ever recover.



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