Achievements should give in game rewards

I’d really like it if achievements would give some kind of in-game rewards. I always loved it whenever a game implemented this feature, because it actually motivates you to beat the challenges the achievements pose.


That’s why I was addicted to Halo 3, trying to get all the different pieces of armor. It would be cool if they gave you cosmetics in V2 for achievements.

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Agree. I never was achi hunter, never liked that grind for “nothing”. Don’t get me wrong - I’m playing for fun - and the fun what I get is reward it self for me.

But sometime ago I played Korean mmo Blade and Soul. In that game achievements actually was meaningful.
For example “Run 300 times X dungeon” - reward 11 attack power <- Converse to V2 for example Run any mission on Legendary difficulty x times - reward 10 hero power.
Or for example For every 10 legendary mission completed in quick play - guaranteed 1 heroic deed.
I would love grind for it. Tho reward need to be small or even only cosmetic=]
/sorry for my English.

Achievement Unlocked:

  • Successfully trolled until at least 1 person leaves the game
  • Get downed and revived 20 times in one game
  • Keep 200m away from teammates for 75% of the game duration
  • Drink all potions and use all medical supples encountered by your team
  • Kill only 1 slave rat with an exploding bomb in a horde
  • Stand 1meter next to a incapacitated player (leeched, assassin pounced, raised on a packmaster’s hook) for 5 seconds doing nothing while having the cursor on their face
  • unload maximum ammo on one clan rat
  • hold on to W key (move forward) from the beginning to the end of the level without getting incapacitated or killed

The reward you get is the feeling of accomplishment, when you see only 1% of players could do what you did.

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