About slayer talents

I know FS won’t change things until next BBB. But I think it is worth saying something about Slayer’s talent since there’s not much of talk about him.

He has decent status right now. He isn’t useless career, a bit weaker than holy knight though. (except better mobility with his ult.) So I write this for more various of game playing experience with Slayer, not the buff only.

I think his Lv. 10 talents, and Lv. 30 Dawi-drop talent are boring, and useless talent.

Lv. 10 talents columns is just like intelligence test right now. If you bring double 2h-weapon? then Skull-Spliter. If you bring double 1h? then A thousand cuts. If you want to bring throwing axe? then you should take Hack and slash. What a boring talent. Some other careers have one-weapon focused talent sometimes, but it’s just one column of that level talents row. It’s possible to merge 3 talents to one, and give slayer other interesting talents

Lv. 30 talent Dawi-drop, this should be a niche talent. But I have wondered who would pick this talent? I have never seen someone pick this talent unless for fun, or testing purpose. It’s obviously not a competitive talent.

Because It’s hard to use, dangerous to use, weak to use.

It works when he’s on air, that means you need distance to jump. If you use your ult right under your feet, you can’t use this talent.

You need distance to use, and It’s hard to hit under your feet when you are on air, so if you want to succeed to use that talent you should target enemy whom is on diagonal direction when you jump. it means you want to use this talent, you should jump to enemies. It isn’t dangerous when there are not much enemies, but it’s dangerous to do when there are CW patrols or something. If it’s only for lone Cw or elite, there’s no benefit to take this talent beside the other two talents. Something like pushing attack increase power to enemy hit by pushing attack,

If it’s good at killing Monsters, maybe it’s worth to take. But it’s a lot of weaker compared to ‘big shot’ ult of other careers. I know Slayer got his own purpose, what he is good at. It’s a bit of unfair to have massive damage with his own strength.

So I think that Dawi-drop being a role-changing talent to Monster-slayer would be interesting. So Bardin can have proper monster dealer.

Slayer has two strength in this game on Cata or below difficulty. (I can’t say Weave, cata 2,3~. Since I have no chance, not that great at this.) One is horde-dealer, and the other is elite-killer. What Slayer makes good at these jobs is his attack speed with short CD ult.

It would be a unfair thing if he has one more strength. So why don’t we make ‘Dawi-drop’ can bring massive damage (still weaker than other careers because of short CD) to Monster, while giving up AS on ult? And it should be easier to use. The effect applies to first attack while on air or after landing in 0.5 sec.


i doubt anyone would give up 30% attack speed on ult for some dmg.

his attack speed is very important for cc and for being able to take out chaos warriors and other elites.

Yeah, or nerf a bit(10~20%) when you pick that talent. If you have ult damage almost same with BH with ult AS, Slayer would kill every one of them on Cata, if he can dodge disablers well.

If he have choice to be a melee boss-dealer, There would be more melee concentrated party with Bardin. Since Bardin doesn’t have Monster-killing focused career, There’s some hard moment when you bring Bardin on Cata twitch mod (especially horde is coming when dealing with double boss or triple boss.)

About AS, 5% as from charm, 5% from weapon, 7.5 from passive, somehow not that bad to rumble.

If it’s only for lone Cw or elite, there’s no benefit to take this talent beside the other two talents. Something like pushing attack increase power to enemy hit by pushing attack,

‘Something like pushing attack increases power to enemy hit by pushing attack’ should place down of

It’s possible to merge 3 talents to one, and give slayer other interesting talents

Talent tiers 2,4,5 need some rework and better options but he’s still an awesome character provided your building right and playing well… he’s way better than fail knight not of much in need as much as desired variety.

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Slayer is already decent. The main thing I would like to see is Oblivious to Pain and Grimnir’s focus replaced with Exuberance (30% damage reduction on headshot). Grimnir’s Focus really favours 2H weapons that have to use charged attacks in hordes. In contrast, Exuberance works well with all weapons. Why Ranger Veteran gets a better damage reduction talent than a melee-focused class like slayer is mystifying. I think this change would promote more build/weapon variety for slayer

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Well, I am just a normal Cata player(sometimes +twitch), I can’t see why you prefer slayer over grail knight. Clutch thing would be better to slayer, because of movement speed.

Slayer’s building right or no, I would say there’s no much option. Weapon choice decides what slayer’s build, and that is almost the change of lv. 10 talent, and it’s boring and obvious choice.

Slayer is stronger than GK.

GK has no form of damage reduction, his only defense talent is extra stam and push, or 50% thp off the hit taken, you can also take his movement speed ult, but this is weaker than the alternatives.

Slayer has 40% dmg reduction after heavies, or a strong baseline dmg reduction against high damage attacks. He also has a lot of defense in the form off movement speed or stagger on leap.

GK’s main weakness is specials, he has no good way of dealing with them, since he has no ranged weapons or good mobility talents, slayer on the other hand has a lot of mobility in the form of his leap.

Although GK has great damage with his ultimate, Slayer is not far behind with weapons like 1H axe, Two handed hammer, Great axe, etc.


Slayer’s saving grace is that he’s pretty good. You’re right about his talents being a bit of a mess tho.

Skull-Splitter, A Thousand Cuts, and Hack and Slash could absolutely be merged. Definitely a good idea.

The tier four talents bother me too. Adrenaline Surge is a must pick. Impatience might be fun with No Escape but I’d rather Leap have more uptime than move quicker. It’s a worse Crusade, although it is similar in that taking it comes at a hefty price. Don’t know if High Tally makes a difference outside of fighting monsters.

Weakness to specials share with slayer, If slayer doesn’t have throwing axes. Even TAs are really bad ranged weapon.

Gk has lesser damage reduction ability, but with his passive quest(not always give DR), and 10% movement speed, capability of equipping shield(mace shield buff is insane), and fine weapons from his DLC. He has just fine survival capability.

On my opinion, it’s hard to believe he is the weaker melee dealer.

The weapon specific ones could definitely be integrated in his base kit. Maybe nerfed a bit but with talents that buff them. Alternatively just skipping the requirement of X weapon in both slots.

  1. Attack speed for one handed weapons

  2. Power for 2h weapons

  3. Crit chance for all weapons

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dawi-drop has been dog since it launched, but it probably took someone a long time to code so they haven’t removed it yet.

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A boss killer build/talent might be interesting but it must change how his ult works normally. I would try it.

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Hmm Dawi Drop turned into a nuke maybe with added CD to compensate. Just combining comments above :upside_down_face:

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