About Ranger Veteran's passives

  • Reload Speed from 15% to 20%

This beta has polished RV’s quality as a supporter… but he’s also a ranged career, and has no skills (like Blood or Blessed Shot) to upgrade this aspect or unique weapons (like Empire Bow). This change would help his dps a little in a unique way: not with mere power but with speed (in line with the style of a Ranger);

  • Chance to not consume bomb/potions from 10% to 25 or 30 or 35%. NOT stacks with relatives traits

This is the problem: 10% is almost irrelevant… but, if I combine it with the relative traits (25%), the career loses meaning… since I could not use shrapnel or potions share… very foundation of RV himself as a supporter. Afterall he needs pots to share them…


RV already has good ranged dps with his shotgun, or special sniping with crossbow/handgun. Adding 5% reload speed won’t do much, as he already has a talent that massively increases his reload speed when piercing multiple enemies, nor is it a needed change.

Increasing his 10% passive will just result in more rng, it’s not supposed to be something that proc’s often, it’s just a small bonus when it does.

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Ranger Veteran can already stack reload speed up to 50% with Firing Fury.
I agree with Torak, it’s just building on top of RNG.


To me firing fury is mostly irrelevant as i don’t often run raker. Imo the other 3 profit less of it, unless you shoot hordes.

Firing Fury + Master of Improvisation is a pretty fun combination on crossbow.

If it’s mostly “irrelevant” buffing fast hands would just make it even more irrelevant or at the very least devalue it.

Lets say it straight.
The 5% it gets more now are completely irrelevant.

Idea for new passive: Bardin can carry 2 of each item, (bombs and potions).


But it has a good synergy only with the shotgun.

It seems to me more rng now… a passive should be something present… you should feel the effect.

I like it.

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Simple solution. Give RV a passive that increases his ranged weapons power by 10%. BAM, instantly better at ranged combat then his other 2 careers.


tbh I’d as much fun as I have the occasional healing dupe, I would prefer if that passive were just changed to something like 10% more ranged power, yeah

(also maybe give last resort the last shot power treatment)


Personally something I’d rather see for RV’s chance to not consume supplies would be removing the RNG entirely.

Replace it with a passive where every, say, 3 to 4 minutes the next heal, potion, or bomb Bardin uses isn’t consumed

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I haven’t tried it personally, but I imagine crossbow could do some work even on mixed hordes with it? Has anybody tried this?
Edit: Gave it a quick run in Cata, and while obviously no grudge, did some pretty mean work to hordes. Didn’t even require Grugni for sustain. So yeah I think Firing Fury is a decent to great choice for two of his ranged weapons.

It’d be nice if it worked for throwing axe reload, since they have pretty good cleave when charged/aimed.

At his current state should simply be reworked to full support traits and make his next class range focused.

True, with hordes it works decently, but not against specials and elites… This is the problem.

It doesn’t benefit you in every situation, but I mean how often are you sniping specials or elites out of a horde? Pretty often, so I wouldn’t say it’s useless there either.

talents don’t have to be useful for 100% of cases

tbh one thing that’s sad is in V1 you could use Drakefire Pistols on Ranger boi Bardin but now it’s exclusive to IB

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There aren’t really enough items in Cataclysm to make this useful.

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True, the talent is ok… For this I would like to work around the passive.

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