About melee weapons swing agnles

I mean, the animation or something like that. Not historical or realism.

Like, more natural or smooth looking animations.


Why people keep going to “historical accuracy”, “realism”?

What I want is just better looking animations and so on.

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Yeah, we get it, you want immersion, not nescessarily realism. But most of us don’t get that, from all the things in this game, you are most bugged about horizontal attacks, instead of stuff like, say: cleaving through 5 enemies at the same time, dashes through the air, shouting so loud creatures the size of an elephant fall over, weapons with the size and weight of a small person being swung swiftly without fatigue for half an hour straight, and so on.

Horizontal and even upwards attacks really aren’t strange to begin with. Even in “reality” those can be used to bypass blocks or set up another strike and whatever, and even with heavier or bigger weapons. We don’t really see how they break immersion for you so much. Only having attacks in a downwards angle would break immersion way more.

You said that in your very first post. But you are the one who seems to take this discussion way more seriously than any of the other people in this thread. And what was your point of posting in the first place, then, if not to start a discussion? You wanted everybody to just post “Yes, I agree!” or something?


Because people kinda keep misunderstood and so on. That’s all.

I agree with OP, they really need to work on the 3D attack animations, they look like rubbish.

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