About kite shields in WFRP

(This as nothing to do with Vermintide, only with Warhammer universe)

So I decided I’d add more shield diversity in my rules, and wanted to add kite shield and pavise.
Being French I needed their french name to write down, pavise is called pavois, that’s a fact, but kite shield are only called by their other name, norman shield.

I can’t decently call them NORMAN shield as there is not Normandy in Warhammer world.
Decided to go with Bretonnian shield (in french), cause empire region share a lot of similarity with europe, but maybe some expert can precise if a warhammer region is known for their use of kite shield ? (Or some french people suggesting another easier traduction for kite shield)


Considering Bretonnia is the French place in all of Warhammer, you’d probably not be wrong if you called them Bretonnian Shields (though I don’t recall seeing a Kite Shield in all of Warhammer, ever. I don’t even think they exist.)

If we’re going by geography, Normandy is the northwestern most part of France, and the northwestern most part of Bretonnia is called L’Anguille, so you could also call them L’Anguille Shields I guess. Then again, as mentioned earlier, I’ve never seen them being used by that region either.


@Winthiefow, which edition are you using, 2nd?

Piggybacking on @LordRhinark’s comment about L’Anguille, you can also shorten the name as humans have done with pretty much everything to make it sound more normal. An “Angul Shield” (eɪŋ - gul) sounds like something that might’ve actually existed.

If the shield was given it’s name from outside the province by the Empire-folk, they might’ve actively butchered the French pronunciation of the word and gone for a “Wheeler Shield” as derived from the final few letters of L’Anguille. It would also lead to pretty basic human banter over how the Brettonians are so behind the times; still using trebuchets and making weird ‘wheels’ while the Empire has cannons and rifles.

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Mixed 1st and 2nd, plus some of my own liking.

@Torantolis Okay I might go with that, seems really fair :smiley:
Thanks a lot guys

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Only partially related post here.

How easy is it to get into WFRP? My only experience with rpgs is Dungeons and Dragons, and that was kind of a bad experience (it was a club in high school, and putting a bunch of awkward angsty teenagers together in the same room is always a bad idea).

I really like the Warhammer setting though, especially the “everyday” people/culture you don’t hear about so much in the fluff.


Can’t tell about how easy it is to find a group cause I only play with my friends. I have no idea what edition the community generally prefer (I don’t even know how many edition there are xD).

But about the setting and game rules, I’d say the world is fairly easy to understand, and you quickly understand how do combat and other stuff work, even if you haven’t played a lot of RPG (I was GM for the first game of a lot of my friend now, none of the really complained they didn’t understand something or else, so I think getting into it is easy)

Group finding is always a chore of its own, and D&D (well, the earlier editions at least; the fifth makes a better job of it) isn’t horribly beginner-friendly. The best bet is to find a social media channel about either the hobby or your local area, and reach out there. I’d always recommend trying to find a GM who’s already experienced, preferably with the particular rules, but that’s not always possible.

I don’t have experience with WHFRPG specificaly, but what I know of it, a bigger hurdle to it is lore rather than rules. All rulesets take a bit of getting used, to, true, but afaik WHFRPG isn’t anything really unusual. The world and its lore are quite large, on the other hand, and role-playing some things depends quite a lot on knowing the lore (though not horribly intricately, unlike in some other games). So if you have a grasp on that, and some simple arithmetic, you shouldn’t have problems with the game itself.


Yeah that’s why I prefer to play with friends, cause that way no one is gonna butcher me if I say something wrong or if I don’t something about the lore eheh

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There are four editions of Warhammer Fantasy RPG, with 4th being released very recently (last six months, I think). Generally 2nd edition is very well-liked, while 3rd is considered kinda bad . . . very general points of view, of course.

I like second, though, I’ve been trying to get together a group to play over Roll20, but I’m still learning the rules myself - I share your interest in the less-talked about groups, my game was going to take place in the Badlands. :smiley:

2nd edition is my favorite as well.

3rd edition has been published by Fantasy Flight games and it’s almost impossible to play if you don’t have all the things they force you to buy it. Long story short, they’ve devised such a way of playing that having books and regular dices simply isn’t enough and you need to buy a lot other shi.t in order to play. I use it strictly for additional lore and picture resources.

4th Edition has gone too much SJW. It even has a clause which says: “Respect people who don’t want sex, violence, horror or other uncomfortable topics in the game”… I mean WTF, if you don’t want to have violence and horror in Warhammer why are you playing it in a first place? I know, it’s just a paragraph in the book, but pretty much the whole book has this sensitive SJW tone which made me cringe multiple times.

I use World of Darkness rules which friend of mine and I have adapted to Warhammer setting because we feel that WoD has the best mechanics for a game such as Warhammer FRP. We did try the original Warhammer rules but it did not feel as good as World of Darkness.

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