Ability to purchase a shop reset

It would be nice to purchase a shop reset, I’m sitting with tons of money but for the past 5 resets I haven’t seen anything better than what I’m using or anything more interesting than what I have. I went from seeing level 350 weapons at level 21 to 320 weapons at level 25. I would like to be able to spend my money to see new items and change up the gameplay, at least on marksman I got stuck using the basic las gun for the first 12 levels which almost killed the game for me due to how boring it was.

It would also be cool to be able to save weapons in Sire Melk’s for an extra week or something, I wasn’t able to grind the missions in the day or so before the shop reset causing me to miss a super amazing power sword I could have gotten the next day.

Agreed. The shop mechanism needs to be better. If you are hunting for specific weapons a lot of shop choices are useless. It feels really bland and static. At points you have all this money and nothing to spend it on which defeats having a shop. I get early game is supposed to be a limited selection of weapons as you earn trust but having to scroll through a bunch of nearly identical weapons is boring and a waste of time.

You have to setup some kind of remote desktop at work and login to gaming computer at home every hour to check the shop