A way to balance the game in new ways

We’ve discussed a lot of ways to balance on a different discords and forums etc. We keep coming to the conclusion that none of the gain x amount of career skill per being hit and hitting enemies, have never been changed. (I may be wrong please correct me if I am).
So I was wondering if tweaking those numbers could resolve balance issues on some careers, it might not and it may also be a terrible idea. Something to keep in mind when changing those numbers is that some career skill give powerful bonuses when used.
The idea behind these changes would be to change career skills gain with powerful bonuses, to a higher cool down to match the strength of the bonuses.
A note when reading, the column on hit is damage done by the character and the damage column is on character being hit. Each number is a correspond to seconds

Here’s how the numbers currently are on live
Merc has a very strong ult and has the highest gain in total (both from damage taken and done)
Those are just a few examples of the high numbers some careers have, and the idea was to not only change career cool down, but also the on hit numbers and on damage numbers
Might be a horrible idea, but yeah I thought it was worth mentioning that the numbers are a bit skewed.

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