A Übersreik 5 ( pretty sure it was 4 ) dream

A few days ago I had a very vivid and detailed dream about Vermintide 2. As I really enjoyed it and it had the kind of pacing you would find a VT2 map I thought I’d share it with the community.

Don’t expect great wordsmanship, I’m not a writer and english is not my main language.


A nearby small town has been overrun by a vampire lord. He used an ancient ritual to transform the whole population into his lifeless servants. However, such a surge of magic power left his body severely crippled. Wouldn’t be a problem for him as he is surrounded by his countless puppets and his vampire regeneration would make him whole again in no time.

Except that Lohner knew about our necromantic friend’s ritual and decided to send out our beloved team to deal with the vampire while he is still unable to defend himself. The plan : Go inside the town, collect the cripled body of the vampire, head to the local temple of Sigmar and definitely kill him there. Can’t be killed right on the spot because the vampire cast a protective spell on his body making it near impenetrable while he regenerate so it need to be inside a temple of sigmar to negate the protective spell.

Lohner sensing that this mission was going to be a tad bit more dangerous than what they’ve been accustomed to decided to join the heroes.

Once in the outskirt of the town the group miserably failed to sneak inside and had to hack their way through countless zombies and skeletons. More than once they were sure that their demise would be soon only to be saved by Lohner and the secrets passages scattered across the town that only he seemed to know about.

After some time they reached the house in which the vampire body was resting. They quickly snatched his shrivelled body and made their way to the temple of Sigmar. Soon after touching the body the vampire awoke and directed all of his servants towards the group. At first he was very confident and taunting. Once the heroes were close to the temple of Sigmar he understood what their plan was and started making promises of great power for them if only they would let him regenerate completely.

Right before the team could enter the temple and barricade themselves in, a cloud of bats downed upon them and strategically disarmed each of the hero. They barely made it alive into the temple. Once a few pieces of heavy furniture were placed against the temple door they were finaly safe to deal with the vampire.

Lohner instructed the team to destroy the vampire heart quickly. Alas, with nothing resembling a weapon and the still active but weakened protective spell they were unable to pierce the vampire skin. Lohner promptly gave kruber a potion of strength. The mercenary then proceeded with reaping the chest of the vampire open with his bare hands and crushing his heart in his palm.

With the death of the vampire a tremendous amount of necrotic energy started to shake the whole city. The wall of the temple started to crumble around the heroes. They quickly managed to leave the house of Sigmar from the back to find what looked like a wooden prototype of a steam tank. With our heroes as surprised as Lohner was calm, the latest climbed in the driver seat and started the machine as if it was the plan all along.

Unfortunately for Kruber and Saltpyre they got knocked down of the vehicle by falling debris. In the commotion Lohner did not spot that some of his companions were missing.
Our 2 unfortunate companions had to scramble and frantically look around the city for a mean of escape. Which they found in the presence of a cart pulled by 2 shadowy horses and lead by familiar face.

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Lots of cool touches! Loved the end.
It would be amazing to have Lonher himself lead us into a mission

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