A thought on loot and mini pets

So, in Guild Wars 2, they have a neat little system that allows you to collect miniature versions of characters and enemies. Considering they use the skins of characters and enemies in the game already, just miniaturized and set to just follow the player around, I imagine they would be less of a headache to implement than some other things, and make players excited for opening chests again once they collect the reds they want. Anyway, I wanted to suggest using the VT2 enemies and characters to create a series of collectible miniatures that can drop from the chests in legendary with similar frequency to red weapons. (maybe also include “shiny,” rare versions of some of the mini-pets like in pokemon)

Here’s a link to an article on Guild Wars 2’s implementation of mini-pets.

I rater have them do some reskinned skins those are worth it and not heresy like this is.


As much as I’m a fan of minipets in GW2, this just won’t work in Vermintide, because it’s too eye candy in a game about getting flanked every second ^^

Having more trophies to expose in some place would be nice tho, I’m up for some wood carved miniatures of the characters and ennemies, but considering they just added painting, I don’t see this getting done anytime soon


Also, Games Workshop might object from a lore standpoint. Not sure they would like you having a mini spawn or chaos warrior following you around…


Alright, I suppose it wouldn’t be the best fit for Vermintide 2. It was a feature I liked in another game, and I thought it might have been neat. Though I think I agree with the points raised that other stuff would probably be a better use of time and Games Workshop probably wouldn’t like it either.

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