A thought on DLC and the planned 5-10 year period of new content

So, having played Guild Wars 2 and being a fan of that series since Guild Wars 1. One of the things that I hear a bit when chatting with people about that game is how the fact that there’s a bunch of content, the living world series (a series of episodic content, free to unlock if playing during its release until the next release, but costs gems if not), locked behind the gem store, and this is seen as a barrier to entry by some of the people I’ve chatted with over the years, as it is fairly prolific, now reaching 4 seasons of various episodic lengths. I have also played games like Galactic Civilizations 3 over the years, and I thought it was smart of them to bundle the vanilla game in with some of the DLCs as they released more content over time and as the vanilla game and DLC began to age.

Basically, what I’m trying to suggest, is that as Vermintide 2 progresses through its life cycle and we get more DLC. It’s going to become more and more daunting for new players to jump into the game over time, and the community might slowly become more split up by owning different DLCs. Especially if we get 2-3 DLCs of varying size each year. My suggestion is maybe consider bundling some of the older DLCs with each other or the base game as Vermintide 2 ages. I think this will keep the community more together, make the new players feel as though the barrier to entry is a little more manageable and potentially even reduce the amount of fatigue people might suffer from too many DLCs on Steam.

It’s just a suggestion, and its still early in Vermintide 2’s product life cycle. But I thought I should mention the idea. As to whether anything is done as a result of the suggestion or even if it’s considered at all is completely up to FS.


I’m a fan of this because it’ll still encourage someone to pick the game up after years of it being out. Attracting more players is an important part of keeping a game alive.

There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to get a game all my friends have and finding the game on sale for 80% off only to find out that the DLC to play the actual game with them is full price at $45 on top of the base game. Instant turn-off.


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