A suggestion on Twitch elite votes

I love Twitch mode. It’s a brilliant system that adds spice on this wonderful game. There are however few things that I’d like to see tweaked about it and it’s the elite votes.

  1. Chaos Warrior vote

Unlike Chaos patrol which consist of CWs, Maulers and shielded Marauders, CW vote summons only CWs. This causes issues on some of the weapons that lacks vs Super Armor dmg. How about changing it to Chaos patrol vote so that different weapons can all contribute on taking them down?

  1. Stormvermin vote

Similar to CW vote, SV vote summons only halberd SVs, unlike Scaven patrol that also has Shield SVs. Changing it to Scaven patrol vote could make the vote a bit more interesting to deal with, don’t you think?

  1. Beastman vote

I might be minority here so I’d like to hear what others think on this but I wish there were a Beastman patrol vote as well, or at least Bestigor vote. They have unique traits and I would love to see them on Twitch… minus archers.

That’s it. As always thx for the great game FS, 4.6 has been great, I love your works, please do keep it up.

I personally dont think that it needs a beastmen vote, because bestigors and beastmen patrols arent much of an issue and wont add additonal spiciness, however i would really appreciate it to change the other votes (CW and stormvermin) to patrol votes. As you have mentioned CWs only can make some builds very useless and halberd Stormvermins only arent that interesting without some shields mixed in :wink:

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