A suggested change to bio-optic targeting

I don’t find bio-optic targeting to be a worthwhile pick, and I’m aware I’m in the minority here. Still, I’d like to throw out my idea for a change to it.

Bio-Optic Targeting: Critical hits overpenetrate the enemy, passing through and hitting one more target. Maybe give it a cooldown so high crit builds aren’t just taking out twice as many guys, even though that might be kinda fun.

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It’s funny that you mention that, because there are a couple of unobtainable blessings in the game files that do similar things. A one for shotguns that adds cleave on critical hits, and one for the lucius guns that adds cleave on weakspot hits.

I have the cleave on critical hit on my kantrael shotty :thinking:

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while i agree that its kinda a boring perk, i have to say i can’t agree that its not worthwhile to pick.
the other 2 options are vastly inferior in usefulness,

  • covering fire mechanic is something FS wanted to make work for quite some time in any of their games and they never managed to make it work apart from the time where it was extremly broken,
    the problem with it is that the value is far less than it seems, 15% toughness sounds alot but remember if you kill something with your ranged your ally won’t get the toughness on kill from killing that target in melee himself, so the net benefit is actually quite low,
    and the 10% bonus dmg also not that powerful, if that 10% bonus does not reduce the required attacks to kill something by one it does nothing, and 3s is rather short anyway.

  • demolition team, is a valuable perk, but the problem is that assuming every class is present it rarely gives alot of value,
    psyker doesn’t need nades, most ogryn use them only in nieche situations, and that leaves vet and zealot.
    then it does nothing if you are full and it procs, while also not having an efficient ratio of 5%.
    its much more reasonable to have the vet regenerate nades with the demo stockpile perk, and allow zealot to pickup most grenade pickups.

so bio targeting, is kinda the only good choice, so i wouldn’t recommend buffing it unless the other two perks get some well deserved love.

Totally agree with you.

also Bio Optic targeting is really a good feat as it permits the team to be more efficient.

Bio-Optic targeting gives more precision to the team’s situational awareness, but when voice chat exists, it can feel a little redundant – especially when it competes with Demolition Team.

Sure, the Ogryn’s grenade is situational, and the Psyker doesn’t benefit. But DT can give the whole team more consistency with tools that are otherwise super limited. I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve had a mutant grab our only good horde-clear person in the middle of a swarm, and potentially saved the whole run with a box. Or if I end up matchmaking with all Sharpshooters, we end up relying on those extra grenades for horde clear too.

Efficiency is cheating though :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an OP feat, especially on some hi shock gauntlet. How is a wallhach for a whole team isn’t a worthwhile, considering you can keep your ultimate working for like a minute by farming specials and dreg stalkers, and when effect ends your ultimate is ready again.

I’d agree slightly more if you always knew what the rest of the team was/had and you could adjust your loadout before joining, but when the game regularly just dumps you in a team with no information at all, Demolition Team’s effectiveness is really widely variable.

Since the psyker buffs, I’ve ended up in quite a few squads that were one sharpshooter and three psykers, in which case the effectiveness is really low.

Even if you’re not in a situation like that, it’s one of the several talents in the game that are way less useful if your allies don’t know they’re benefitting from it - and well, it’s exceedingly rare that anyone provides that kind of information in any of the missions I’ve been in.

If players don’t know they’re regenerating grenades, then they’ll be using them more sparingly and often wasting them by not having spare space for the free grenades.