A slight rework of Focus Target

I don’t have a whole lot of problems with this keystone, but what quite bothers me is that it limits your ability to spam the tag key. That creates 2 issues: tagging wrong enemy in a sea of specials/elites and losing your stacks as a result, and a related problem, trying to spam tag in the darkness/fog can easily result in tagging several elites/specials and losing your stacks as a result.
I find these problems quite irritating, and to combat that, I propose that stacks of Focus Target should be spent only when the tagged enemy is killed. I don’t think this change would make the ability overpowered, just ease the UX quite a bit.

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The problem with your suggestion is, that it introduces new issues that are far worse.

The bonus damage from tagging meaty enemies, would now be most effectively used by trying to tag a new enemy, just before the previously tagged one dies.
I do not think that would ease the user experience all that much, once people figure it out.

Right now, you tag an enemy and you build up new stacks from the moment you tagged it. So when it dies and you tag a new one, you already have new stacks for your next target.
If the stacks applied bonus damage to the target, like they do now, and you suggested change was made, that would make the ability worse overall.
If you would tag an enemy, while at 8 stacks, you would not regen any new stacks to apply to the next target, until your current target dies.
When your current target dies after a few seconds, you would now sit on no stacks (or just the stacks that you got from killing it), aking the ability worse when used against the next enemy.

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It should be a seperate keybind, which introduces new problems, and most likely results in a serious tragedy for the console crowd.

Yeah it really should. But just like you said: controllers only have so many buttons so we won’t get one

I wonder if Focus Target would be better to use if it required you to tag a previously tagged target, so either double tap* to apply the debuff to an unmarked target, or single tap if someone else already marked it. That way, you can hold stacks if you want to, without denying your normal ability to tag enemies.

*Double tap to “Go here” could potentially get in the way :sweat:

i’ve been playing a lot of focus target lately, i would just look at it for what it is, only usefull against bosses, when i play the map i just tag enemies at my best convenience, and settle for those 8%, 12% meaningless buffs, not really paying attention to my stacks

if a player don’t care about boss killing i would recommend just saving those 2 perks to complete your build

Thats why you run redirect fire. In auric you get a pretty steady uptime on max stacks bonuses affording you a decent damage bonus the stacks with even your minimum ping bonus. Thus netting solid extra damage and breakpoints opportunities. Then yeah you settle on using the max stack ping only for big boys but otherwise just spam ping because the sub-nodes are just team buffs you keep going by doing what you otherwise would.

I also think people are sleeping on Target Down. With 2 stacks being the bare minimum normal of just spaming pings everytime something dies you’re looking at 10% toughness and 10% stamina generated every time someone kills an elite. That’s the same buff from Confirmed Kill (not accounting for the regen after). I think the stamina may be more useful than I originally considered but I’m not sure. Benefits to people using deadshot, benefits to vets when stuck in melee since stamina gen on vet is bad. Also allows toughness and stamina regen in melee so it stiffins a vet group (and yourself).

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