A questionable experience?

Hey there.

Last time I wrote on this forum was when Winds of Magic was under beta. I was one of those people that was VERY CRITICAL of it because I knew it would fail. And we all know how well that ended don’t we? It crashed and burned. Exactly as I predicted it would…
I’m an oldschool player. I’ve played plenty of Vermintide and Vermintide 2. I quit Vermintide 2 because of Winds of Magic and never touched that game ever again after that screw up in pure protest.

Then Darktide came. A new hope perhaps? I will try to keep it short. I will most likely fail…
This is my questionable experience so far with Darktide.

The gameplay loop is great

If I compare this to V1 or V2 I actually quite like Darktide. It feels great to play, I like the slide mechanic and I do enjoy the various stages and the difficulty isn’t too punishing except once you reach Damnation ofc but that’s to be expected.

Music and overall atmosphere is awesome

I love the atmosphere of this game. It really gives you the sense of grimdark.
Also certain stage modifiers are awesome like power shortage or venting. Really love that!

But there are some really questionable choices by Fatshark which really makes me scratch my head…

The Itemsystem and Reward system is just utter garbage

The crafting isn’t even released yet. But the in-game shop works just fine! WHY!? What the hell is up with your priority when you choose to setup the in-game store before you’ve even tackled the core mechanics of the game? It makes no SENSE to me why you would do that.
I would not mind the in-game store if the crafting system was done and active in-game. I would not mind the in-game store if it was not based on a predatory monetary system and with FOMO (Timed items)


Here’s an idea, why don’t you just put out the items you wish to sell and then just leave them there? Forever, let us the buyers decide. It’s just such a scumbag tactic by you Fatshark to even use FOMO in your damn in-game store. It’s disgraceful. It’s disrespectful and it’s just god awful and it has the STANK of Tencent written all over the place when it comes to your decisions regarding your in-game store. You should be ashamed of that thing in particular.

And when it comes to in game loot. As it stands right now you can get the highest reward items by simply rushing difficulty 1 missions.
Yes, that’s correct.
I’ve seen people get +500 rating master crafted by simply rushing difficulty 1 missions. How is that possible? How is that even remotely fair?
Also the fact that there is NO reward after you finish a mission is just HORRIBLE. It’s random if I get a reward or not? Why?
I clear with 2 grims, I get nothing.
I clear with 3 scripts, I get nothing.
I clear a random difficulty 1 mission by just speedrunning it, Master-crafted +475 item. FML.
This is just bad. You need to fix this.
The reward system should be granting you better loot for doing more difficult things. Clear a mission on Heresy with grims? GZ you have a high chance of getting something neat!
But as it stands right now, it’s just completely random to the point that I noticed that the best thing to do is to simply rush difficulty 1 missions instead. Because it’s random anyway so the scripts or grims doesn’t matter anyway. You might aswell skip them completely.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE reward design…
Whoever thought that the current reward or itemisation design was a good idea needs to do BETTER.

I read some reviews which stated “buy this game in 6 months” and I’m actually inclined to agree with them.
If someone asked me about Darktide today I would say NO, don’t buy it. But keep an eye for it later down the line.
This game is currently still in a BETA imo because it sure as hell ain’t finished.

I remember when Fatshark said Vermintide would get modsupport. That was a lie.
I remember when Fatshark said Vermintide 2 would get dedicated servers. That was a lie.
Because of this anything Fatshark says should be taken with a TRUCKLOAD of salt as it’s most probably another empty promise.
Don’t get me wrong, You guys at Fatshark have an amazing talent for making games that actually feel GREAT to play. It’s just that everything else around the gameplay itself leave much to be desired. I want you to succeed but you keep hitting yourselves so much it’s difficult not to question your decisions.


  • Gameplay feels fine, Slightly punishing on Damnation.

  • Alot of bugs needs fixing. Which you are probably working on.

  • You need to fix the damn reward/itemisation system + crafting system instead of adjusting your aquilas for your in-game store. Get your priorities straight for gods sake.

  • The only thing standing in the way of your success Fatshark is yourselves.

Please don’t do the same mistakes you did during Winds of Magic where you listed to NOBODY in the community and royally screwed it up. Please don’t be as narrow minded this time as you where last time.

So where does this leave Darktide?
It’s a great game but it’s an unfinished, unpolished mess which leave much to be desired.
Would I recommend it? In 6-12 months? Perhaps. Gameplay feels great but that’s just it.


I’ve basically come to the same conclusion:

Except I disagree that the gameplay loop is great, because a game’s loot/progression system is a crucial part of the loop, but I know what you mean - The combat/monsters/theming/level design is fantastic! And yes, it really is.

While your leveling low characters up, Darktide’s progression system feels ok. It’s slow and really grindy, but after each mission you can clearly see how your character is progressing, and there’s a sense of forward momentum and getting stronger.

But in late/end game, there’s really no sense that playing the game is progressing your character. I’m basically using the same gear (Same weapons, 2 different curios) that I was using at level 27, despite running 100’s of missions, and on much higher difficulty since level 27.

As far as I can tell, the only way to progress is speed-running difficulty 1 missions, ignore the fun combat – because there’s no reward for engaging in it, you know, the game’s best feature – check all the hidden spawn points for crafting supplies – which slowsdown gameplay, splits players apart, and is not fun in the least – and at the end of a mission hope the Emperor’s Gift, if you even get one, is something decent. . . then rinse and repeat!

Great themeing. Great combat. Very bad end-game progression

I hope hope Fat Shark can eventually make everything in this game feel great. Certainly speed-running difficulty 1 missions, for a ~0.001% chance of progressing your character doesn’t feel great.

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The gameplay is great, the loop however, is absolutely f*cking terrible. Waiting for hours for missions, for store refreshes, without crafting, everything is pure rng.

The loop is one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

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Yeah, I should have been more clear that I mean the gameplay specifically is the great part but I guess my point got through anyway. :slight_smile:
Fully agree.

Maybe stop focusing on meaningless progression and just stay focused on what makes the game worth playing for you in the first place?

Well said.

I would suggest you to try Chaos Wastes in VT2 that was actually a very decent/fun expansion, maybe your protest paid out there :smile:.