A note to devs about future updates

I imagine this might not reach any developers actually involved in the communication of updates, but I want to at least state my opinion just in case.

Stop promising content/fixes/dates before you have them finalized. Want to add balancing? Great! Make sure it’s done before giving it a release date. Want to add mission modifiers? Cool! Finish them before telling us they’re gonna be in the game (and removing them from the community post without saying you did :wink: ) Hell, it’s fine if you promise content, just don’t promise a date. Tell us your wildest fantasies about balancing, fixes, and whatnot, just give us a date AFTER you already have it finished.

Also, please for the love of this game be forward about issues players are going to have. You promised 2 weapons, a map, and a modifier, and players didn’t get that at launch. People had to yell at one of your Community Managers to wrangle an explanation out of them. It makes sense now, but not once was it mentioned in the patch notes that “it’ll take a couple hours so people ingame don’t have any issues”. A majority of users are still in the dark about this because they don’t no-life the Discord server, and all they think is “Wow, Fatshark sure sucks, they can’t even deliver content they promised a day prior”. It makes an already negative view on Fatshark even worse because you didn’t think to tell people beforehand.

I want to see this game prosper but it’s really looking like it’s just another Vermintide launch, nothing leant from the last 2 times the game got bottlenecked by it’s launch. It’ll be great once it’s actually finished and ready for dlc content but until then the fanbase is just gonna dwindle due to disdain for the way this game is getting updated. Thank you.


It’s crazy how the original post listed 3 new modifiers and the final patch notes only have 1.

Something is working horribly wrong on the communication department.


I’d try to protect the devs by saying that it’s all random (maps and modofiers and store loot) and we just gotta chill and stuff.
But my game looks like this,

so I’ll just stay silent…

I’m sure your FPS increased dramatically, though


I mean, I pushed for Community update to be out early.

I wouldn’t begrudge, if there are last minute changes due to technical issues that can’t be solved in timely manner but can be removed from patch to solve at later date without.

I’m all for lambasting Fatshark. I’m also all for lambasting myself.

I’m fine with the content and stuff, I would pay $60 for the game as it is now, but it’s really annoying to see Fatshark sabotage their own game by not valuing communication. The people who hate this game but still play it and follow it’s updates are very loud in the sense that new players will see them first. If you give those people fuel to hate on the game more, new players get disheartened.

Well to be fair, the “third” condition was likely just copied from some list because it was just the high intensity condition.

But it is disappointing the assault one didn’t go through (that one sounded more fun than pox hounds lol).

I really wish the vent and lights conditions were on more frequently/randomly though. As much as I like this game, I am not a fan of the conditions being only during specific timeframes. The conditions should always be randomly appearing on at least one mission of every difficulty and it should always be a random condition from the total pool they’ve added (which would give greater variety over time) instead of ONLY high/low intensity except on “special days” when they turn on the others. I haven’t seen fog or lights out for quite awhile now and it’s disappointing because they make the maps feel totally different.