A New, Separate 2H Hammer Bug

So, with the new beta, the 2H hammer was (accidentally?) nerfed in that its armor penetration on the first two light attacks in its combo was lowered (~18 damage on unarmored dummy, 10 damage on armored dummy w/ 10% Power vs. Armored). Recently, they changed something, so that the hammer does 20.25 damage on light hits vs. unarmored, but the armor pen was still messed up (11 damage on armored dummy with 10% power vs. armored). Fingers crossed for a fix

The armor pen of lights 1/2 were reduced to .5, from .8, against SV and increased to 1.1, from .8, against CW. I assumed this was on purposeā€¦but it seems quite odd that light 3 and push attack were not changed as well.

Seems odd, overall.

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