A Letter to our Community

I really hope so. I still need this gorgeous piece of headwear

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That’s an event hat from the first game, not sure they have ported it (you can see from the icon it hasn’t got the VT2 hats background), but it seems to work and I’d like it as well, as I joined the fun the last year of VT1 and I couldn’t get any of those special hats.

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The image is from V2, it’s one of those unused hats only available on the modded realm.

Yes. There are around 5-10 hats and at least 40 frames in V2 game files.

Naturally, I would be delighted to have them in my Collection.

Yes what I mean is that looking at Steam Community :: Guide :: Fashiontide - All hats and descriptions some hats have got the crisscross VT2 icon, others (most noticeably the ones from the first game) haven’t. It seems to me that the ones they intend to port (for now at least) are the one with the crisscross. I mean, there’s even redundancy otherwise, like the rakish leatherbrim is exactly the old companion, it wouldn’t make much sense to have both.
My guess is that the ones without the crisscross are just old assets they aren’t currently planning to implement. It held with every update to the emporium unless I’m mistaken.
That’s not to say some shouldn’t make it. I’d personally love to have the Nuf Boga, I just meant it might not be in their plans.

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