A Letter to our Community


What an amazing week! This past Tuesday, we released Chaos Wastes, a new and free rogue-lite expansion for Vermintide 2. As many of you know, we started this journey over a year ago. It wasn’t always easy, and frankly it took longer than we would have hoped to get here. But, we also wanted to take the time to deliver the fun you deserve.

And judging by your initial reaction, it looks like there is plenty of fun to be had. In fact, in the first 48 hours, Chaos Wastes has quickly become one of our most played modes with the highest number of players online since the launch of the game - which is amazing for a product we continue to support three years later.

Needless to say, we are both thrilled and humbled by the incredible support of Chaos Wastes. Of course, we are not done yet. We hear your feedback and will continue to do our best to shape the experience with you in mind.

Until then, there is no better time to jump in and play with your friends. Join us (literally, many of us are online playing ) for a special Free Weekend on Steam, starting now.

Martin Wahlund and the rest of the “Sharks”
Boss Shark


Having played some expeditions now i must say i like them a lot, the action tends to be higher, the runs more varied and the need to plan greater which leads to a more intense and satisfying to win run compared to QP.

Even if it takes a lot longer.

But at the same time i must say that i do not like is how random and often bad the weapon swapping shrines can be(same weapon with different stats several times?) and how the chests guarded by monsters can spawn out of bounds. It also hurts that some weapon are pretty dang awful without the stats&traits you´d normally have and you cant control what you get at all.

Some boons are also just a quick suicide like the one that makes you dash on a push…but even with all those i do like it as i wrote at first.

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It’s a solid mode, and lots of fun. But can we expect more adventure maps in the future? They remain my favorite format.
Also, let me forward you a complaint i have A disappointing conclusion to the Chaos Wastes expansion and, more importantly, the question I pose there: I was expecting something big storywise to happen in the citadel of eternity. When are we going to learn what has transpired there?

Meanwhile, kudos for a great addition :slight_smile:

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Oh cmon Fatshark, stop patting your own back. You guys kept Vermintide community starving for content too long, personaly I would taste anything at that point. Seems like you guys wanted to experiment with something new, work on some little project for yourself. Once again you ignored all community feedbacks and risked alot by going in different direction. I don’t understand management of this game studio.

So how does CW taste? Lets ignore weapons DLC for a moment, CW mod on its own is cool, I mean… got pleasantly surprised actually in what it turned to be. Unlike weaves this game mode is more available, not locked behind some paywall. There’s ton of replayability.

So, Does it meet all my expectations? No. Don’t like every decision you guys made in bringing roguelite experience into Vermintide. Still beleive theres a way to make it even better and more rewarding experience

  1. Every player should start expedition with random weapons. Weapon altars are not so popular right now, players choose to stick with whatever they are comfortable with. Players will came with great bulds anyway as they progress.
  2. trial chest spawn a monster and once u beat it you get a chance to pick a boon. How about getting curse after picking boon. Curse like ‘no bomb slot’, ‘bleeding’, ‘motion blur’ etc. that last to the end of that particular map. Like there should be some downside otherwise it doesn’t deserve to be called trial.
  3. Pilgrim’s chamber as a filter option in lobby browser
  4. Disconnect resilience. Like save session state before somebody disconnects so if that unlucky player manage to rejoin he don’t loose his progress

Conclusion. Just don’t want this mod to share same fate with weaves. U guys came up on possitive feedback, don’t abandon it, keep it fresh with every content update. I mean Iove those new maps and thats probably reason behind that drives me to play new mode more than adventure maps right now. Pit of Reflections absolute favorite. Adventure mode is still best game format, change my mind. Bit concerned about future of roguelite mod. Now don’t loose momentum, keep bringing more content into game, new campains, caos factions, skaven clans. Listen your community more. No offence

@2: the monster is the trial.

@4: that worked for me a couple of times when I had to disconnect for various reasons. It even works if someone else joins and leaves before you rejoin. Not saying that there aren’t bugs or that it’s perfect. But a system like that is in place.

@1: I love this idea. But I think we are not in the majority on this one.


Sorry I dont like it. Have fun mates.

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The option to not switch weapon when activating a shrine would be enough to compete with the anvils/upgrades. Being forced to actually take the weapon is what is deterring me from taking a chance most of the time.

Could be cool, but seeing that the boon you receive is based on your current progress I don’t think it’s all too necessary.

Pretty sure you can choose to only go for lobby/recently started expeditions. I haven’t tried it out so can’t speak for whether it works or not.

I’ve had the same experience as @RedBeardedGiant. Player state seem to always be working for me. Crashed as a host yesterday with the rest of the party migrating and me rejoining to a saved player state. I hadn’t read the patch notes so I was pleasantly surprised.


Wow, thanks for feedback. Maybe I’m wrong aftear all, tought theres no mechanisam implemented to save game state and reload it on rejoin after dc/crash. Had game recently where it didn’t worked for me, was like back to white rarity weapons, was only one dced from host. Will pay closer attention next time and report issue if it happens again

About trial chests… I just found them lacking for some risk-reward elements. Would be nice to have downsides of picking a boon, more up to decision making, ‘take or leave’ . I can see this as unpopular idea just had to share my dissapointment about 1 monster trial. Beleive FS is going to leave it as it is, why to change something that majority already loves

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And what about Xbox even getting bot updates? Nothing about consoles.

You’ve basically abandoned us and are going to expect console players to line up for Darktide.

Its a shame and a disappointment that we get updates 3-6 months post PC ( if at all ), no mod support, no lobbies, and no news.

Console is crippled by bugs. WoM level 63 is still bug locked for 4 months now ( can’t progress beyond it)

Actually say something about this. Tell us you have a plan or AT LEAST apologize.

I played a bit with a guy with connectivity issues. Whenever I disconnected from him or he from me the save state was wiped. So it probably depends on the circumstances.

There was a note in the patch saying that fatshark has “fixed an exploit based on host migration”. I strongly hope that doesn’t mean the “save state” was unintended. Losing an expedition because of disconnections or crashes would really really suck.

Having played a number of expeditions on different careers and teams i can certainly say that it needs nothing more. Taking on a trial chest is already tough enough depending on map modifiers and even team comp.

A waystalker, a merc, an zealot and a ironbreaker sound like safe boss killing team until you realize you all got white-blue weapons, no anti boss weapon save maybe moonbow and no potions either.

Then you end up bashing the boss back and forth for the next few minutes with hordes, specials and whatnot running down on your heads…or not, depending on the modifiers.

And the dang curses too…miasma,health link, gas, twins, bolts of change, crystal eggs. Any of those can make a mess of a simple boss.

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And ledges.

It’s still working and has been working with minor connectivity issues and disconnects due to them as well.

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Good, I was afraid they’d toss the baby with the bathwater.

Second tought on trial chest reward.

Rebalance patches are probably going to address my concern. No need for additional layer of complexity, like adding ‘downside effect’ to balance out power that comes with boons. Some boon effects just need to be tuned down. Trial challenge is just fine after all. Came around with some unstopable builds recently shade with spear and lighting, OE with explosive crits.

No, the save state is intended. However, in the previous iteration the game remembered also the pick-ups you collected during the “crashed” map. So you could start a map, collect coins and boons, then force a host transition and do the same over and over again. It was a rather ineffective (and partially risky) farming method to reach unlimited power.

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You actually got the lightning on shade? I have 10+ expeditions(only success counts) on her now and i havent seen a single crit related boon.

I mean sure i use the pain build but still T_T

@Fatshark_Hedge I still want to understand the cosmetic question:

#1 Will new Premium Cosmetics be available as usual DLC in Steam Store in the future? So I can buy this as a gift for another account?

#2 When there was talk about “new cosmetics of Wastes” - did you mean only new Premium Cosmetics? Did I think there would be new cosmetics for shillings too? Or not?

I think I can cover this question (confirmation has to come from a developer though). As far as I know the intention is to get away completely from the DLC store Premium Cosmetics. This covers all newly released Premium Cosmetics which will be only purchasable through Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders. As such these cosmetics are not giftable by players (I asked this in a PM to Hedge for another reason, so you just have to believe me on that part) but FS can theoretically create keys. As far as I know the idea is even to remove the current Steam Store Premium Cosmetics and make them only available through LEW. The reason for this change in cosmetics is:

But yea, they are not giftable and most likely never will be again unless you get a key directly from the developers. I would think this goes only under specific and rare conditions.

No idea about question #2.

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